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Circumstances like this are always curious. It’s weird to say “goodbye” when the person in question isn’t shuffling off the mortal coil, or leaving to backpack around India and, hell, if I know, “find one’s self”. It’s why, for example, you Spanish speakers out there know the word for “goodbye” (adiós) carries quite a different literal translation than other farewells that indicate either a move to another spot or an ephemeral separation. No one is going to God (hence: a-Diós, adiós). However, almost five years to the day after starting Our Honor Defend, I think the time is right to pull the plug and transition toward other things. Michael and I will be joining the team at Eleven Warriors. Charles will be bringing his excellent coverage of women’s basketball and The Ohio State University Marching Band matters to The Buckeye Battle Cry.

More than a few of you have been following this blog from the very beginning. I think I belabored this elsewhere in an interview with another blogger, but I almost did not start Our Honor Defend. For one, Our Honor Defend was my second choice for a blog name. No domain to capture Francis Schmidt’s mantra to “close the gates of mercy” was available or was short/memorable enough to be worth registering. That does not belie my belief that running up the score on everyone we play isn’t worth doing at every opportunity. Alas, Our Honor Defend was available and underscored my frustration of trying to fight to the end, for O-HI-O, while living in the deep South in January 2008. This was as Ohio State was preparing for its second consecutive BCS Championship Game appearance.

As such, I had registered the domain for some time but did not want to do anything with it. It was the idea of a colleague of mine to do something like this, for which I was contracted because of some expertise with CSS, HTML and website design, more generally. He thought that, together, we could put a meaningful spin on some of the rather dumb discussions creeping into college football while we lived in Alabama. That, or we could have fun sucking at it. Still, I was skeptical, if only because I thought the “sucking at it” part would be more pronounced than the part of having fun. If we had defeated Louisiana State that night in New Orleans, I didn’t think a blog would be necessary and I wouldn’t have done it. College football would have returned to normal and I could triumphantly tell my colleagues in Alabama to take their “SEC pride” for a conference rival and play in traffic with it. That did not materialize and, alas, Our Honor Defend went live and “Vico”, my nom de guerre and a nod to my favorite anti-Cartesian philosopher, was born.1  Our introductory message? Well:

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Rather than delete it, I think I’ll just add something more substantive to it. This is the start of a hopefully long, but perhaps inevitably fruitless, endeavor to cover the Buckeyes with some kind of… some kind of, umm, hmm… originality. We realize that there are much, much more interesting, original and flat-out better blogs out there that cover the Buckeyes. We, on the other hand, are the law of diminishing returns. This blog will no doubt suck with an unmatched fury, which is why we recommend that this blog be read by no one.

As a solo project for much of its existence, I’d liken OHD to my college friends who still live in Ohio as “my dumb little baby”. It was dumb, often. A lot, even. But, it was mine. I did OHD as a hobby and, oddly enough, people seemed to like it or pay attention to it. This encouraged me to be more creative with the blog and use Twitter, then a bit in its infancy, as a means to being a social media presence to funnel traffic to the blog. Having OHD as a hobby of mine allowed me to ask why couldn’t Ohio State fans have a YouTube presence akin to WolverineHistorian. As such, the “Drive-Thrus”, under the dumbest possible name I thought to give the YouTube service (YouTube-o-Vision), were born. It also allowed me a forum to apply expertise from my day job (research) to blogging endeavors, like the Better Know A Buckeye series. I intend to continue doing both at Eleven Warriors. The BKABs will start in earnest after signing day.

For five years, OHD served as a nice vehicle to be creative in expressing my enthusiasm for all athletic endeavors of The Ohio State University. As such, it also opened a lot of doors for a guy who struggles with all sorts of social anxieties. I got to meet The Donnie and his father (great people), be notified by Steve Myers’ children that he thinks I’m a creep for blogging about his Buckstache, and get feedback from family members of the 2008 recruiting class. This includes being yelled at by Nathan Williams’ mom for referring to him as “Nate”, which is still one of my favorite things ever. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool Buckeye fans, just by virtue of being “Vico” or having the Twitter handle of @ourhonordefend. Without waxing too ecstatic for an occasion that really isn’t a “goodbye” for the aforementioned reasons, it is rather interesting for me, given I didn’t know how to speak or talk until I was four years old and still struggle with talking to people in public.

I’m very grateful for some of the co-authored help from multiple people, when, in 2010, it became apparent I could no longer continue OHD as a strictly solo project. I’m very grateful, in particular, to Charles and Michael, who did excellent stuff covering women’s and men’s basketball. I also want to thank Margie and Josh for being invested in OHD until the end, as well as past help from guys like Chris, Jeremy, Dan, Nate, and others.

OHD will remain active as a museum, of sorts. I’ll continue to pay for the domain and hosting, allowing interested Buckeye fans to read content on this site’s archive. Effective today, though, Michael and I will be at Eleven Warriors while Charles will be joining the great group of bloggers at The Buckeye Battle Cry.

Thank you for the five years.

- V

  1. That colleague of mine soon lost interest in the blog (as I feared he would), and, while I still think well of him as a person, he sinced moved from Alabama and my profession, and we’ve lost contact. Fortunately, I no longer live in Alabama as well. []


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Vico is the nom de guerre of the founder and current website chair of Our Honor Defend. He is currently living in exile in Alabama.


11 Responses to “Goodbye, OHD”

  1. 1 BuckeyeBeau

    damn. sorry to see OHD go. it was always my first “click” for the daily buckeye news and happenings. g’luck to you and thanks for all your time and effort.

  2. 2 Michael

    I’ll always be grateful to Vico and OHD for letting me feed my passion to write about Ohio State. I had fun while sucking at it. Last one out please turn out the lights.

  3. 3 themostbrian

    Our Honor Defend has been a brilliant and, at times, frustrating adventure – I’m so glad I was along for the ride. Vico’s voice is one-of-a-kind and desperately needed as a counterbalance to the dry, amateur attempts at formal journalism that passes as “blogging” these days. 11W is becoming quite the monstrosity – not sure yet if that’s a good thing or if the removal of competition from the marketplace will turn it into its own little ESPN. We’ll see. I know Vico will fight to his last breath against that happening so that this gives me hope.

  4. 4 David

    I am sorry to see OHD go…but will look for your stylistics and slant on things on Eleven Warriors. I hope you port TV Guide over there. Cheers!

  5. 5 Ron

    Imagine my surprise, waking up to this post! I’m sure I’m having the same thought as all of your faithful followers: I better drive down there and get some of what they may have left behind!

    The place was deserted and echo-y, like a tenement on rent day. Undocumented workers were loitering in the driveway. The once lush and pristine garden was overgrown with weeds. The duck pond was green with scum.

    Anyways, I headed up the stairs, under the faded “OHD Enterprises” corporate logo, and into the belly of the beast. I was first! Hooray me! Vico doesn’t leave much behind, but there, under a pile of sandwich wrappers, I struck gold! A broken swivel chair (that’ll buff-out), a NIB(!) package of single-density Maxell diskettes, and a used Epson dot-matrix printer ribbon. All items hand marked: “Don’t Touch – Vico Stuff”. I felt like “Cuyahoga Jones and the Castle of Doom” SCORE!

    So now, not only do I finally know Vico’s last name, but I have a cache of autographed Vico memorabilia! These items will be auctioned on eBay in the near future! Hooray me!

    Anyways, thanks for 5 years of fun and sports education. Your wit and dedication are much appreciated!

    P.S. Gabby Jay says he is very sorry for what ever he did that really pissed you off. He asks if you won’t pretty please let him out of the equipment locker.

  6. 6 gumtape

    This is great. One less website to hit. I can just read you guys at 11w.

  7. 7 Ken

    Vico, an enjoyable run at OHD, at least for your readers. Continued success at your next stop.

  8. 8 In Case You Missed It

    [...] RICHER: In the biggest news to rock the Buckeye Blogosphere since forever, Vico and Michael from Our Honor Defend have defected over to join the Eleventy Warriors Behemoth (while Charles will take his talents over [...]

  9. 9 Josh

    Sorry to see this go, Vico. Here’s to hoping that the weekly game previews follow over. They were a great kickoff to the weekend.

  10. 10 Nick

    11W will be getting a writer upgrade.

  11. 11 BK

    Vico, thanks for the great work, will continue to follow @ 11W. Looking forward to more You-Tube-O-Vision. :)

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