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So, the three time defending B1G TEN Champion* is leaving Wisconsin to coach ArKansas, maybe the fourth best coaching opportunity in its own division in the Southeastern Conference. But! We got ‘em. We got Rutgers and Maryland.

We got the coveted New Jersey market, people.

The move, which may, prima facie, seem lateral at best is one probably motivated by the ceiling Wisconsin has.  Bert’s getting paid $2.5 million annually from Wisconsin, but Wisconsin is very likely not spending as much on all the assistants Bert lost the past year to the NFL, Arizona State, and the Pitt Panthers.  Add in Wisconsin’s woeful facilities, and ArKansas’ new, plush, facilities, and this makes sense.

Also, this:

“We at the Big Ten don’t want to be the like the SEC in any way, shape or form.”

Anyways, listen here, B1G TEN. Ohio State and Michigan fans are repulsed by the very thought of playing each other twice in a season.  No one wants it: not the Ohio State fans, nor the Michigan fans.  The thought of splitting the series horrifies everyone and the value added of beating the rival twice doesn’t do much for us.  But, if you don’t start spending more on the football program with that $25 million you guys get annually from the B1G TEN, in order to get on our level, we’ll be forced to roll back the clock to the 1970s and freeze you from Indianapolis indefinitely.  Don’t make us do it.


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