Ohio State Has 19th Commitment in 2013 with Donovan Munger

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Donovan Munger

Remember our previous discussion about the utility of being ineligible from participating in this year’s postseason? It sucks more than it is good, obviously.  Ohio State could’ve been the one beating Nebrasky within an inch of its life in Indianapolis.  Ohio State could be the one playing in Miami for the national championship, freezing Alabama from its standing invitation to rammer jammers wherever there is a crystal ball around.  So, yeah, thanks Geno for the Gator Bowl rolling luggage bag.  Alas, if Ohio State must pay its penance for the Tatgate scandal and cover-up that at least gave us Urban Meyer in the first place, it’s good that Meyer now has uninterrupted time to assemble as good of a recruiting class he can.  It started on Friday with Gareon Conley, the former Wolverine verbal who was Ohio State’s first commitment since September.  It continues today with Donovan Munger, a defensive tackle from Shaker Heights, Ohio.

I’m not sure anyone thought that Munger would head elsewhere.  He had offers from places like Auburn, UCLA, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Nebrasky, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma, among many others.  Still, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Munger made the realization to stay in-state and follow fellow alumnus Antonio Underwood down I-71 to The Ohio State University.1  That moment of realization came this weekend, when Underwood took his official visit to the campus and took in all the festivities that Ohio State had to offer.  At the end of the visit, Munger apparently shook Meyer’s hand and accepted the offer to come to Ohio State on an athletic scholarship.

Munger was recruited as a defensive tackle.  Being recruited by both Stan Drayton (regional) and Mike Vrabel (position) suggest as much.  In an era where the proliferation of spread offense gurus has coincided with head coaches forgetting that defense is important, it’s beyond reassuring that Urban Meyer believes that the defensive line is the most important position in football and recruits accordingly.  Munger is now the sixth defensive line recruit in the recruiting class and the third defensive tackle.  Ohio State is not even particularly “wanting” at the position, but is still recruiting for it.  That said, we may be finished now.  Skill position players, especially at wide receiver, higher priority now.

Film is here.

  1. Adrien Clarke and Nate Clements are also among the ranks of Shaker Heights Buckeyes. []


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