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Good morning Hive fans and welcome to your Christmas Eve edition of The Hive. I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend filled with family, friends, food, alcohol, the NBA, the NFL, etc., etc. At this point, I’m more excited about giving gifts than receiving them, and the bottom of my tree shows it. You would think I have a child based on the number of gifts I purchased, but no. Just a dog, who most of these gifts are not for. I just figure if I am blessed to have a job that pays well enough to provide the people in my life a good Christmas, I better provide a good Christmas. Not everyone gets that chance.

In the Buckeye world, there’s been a mix of up and downs this weekend. I think we should go from bad to hopefully good to sort of sad/hilarious/obvious.

Ohio State loses to Kansas

I was hoping this subtitle would have a different look to it, but alas, the Ohio State men’s basketball team managed to lose to Kansas for the third time in just as many games. Vico has your full recap, and, because I was gone all day yesterday, the extent of my knowledge of this game comes from the Internet. Apparently, we missed too many shots, displayed dismal field goal percentage, and just overall could not get it together in the 73-66 loss.

While you can argue all day that this doesn’t really matter because the post-season is most important, please do not forget how good the Big Ten is and that we still have to play Indiana, Minnesota, TTUN and more. Twice. Before we get to March. Sure, post-season performance indicates whether you’re a champion, but regular season guarantees whether you can be taken seriously. So far, this team cannot. With a new court under their belt, the Buckeyes continue the home stretch after a week off and take on Chicago State Saturday.

Nick Swisher is an Indian

What is hopefully awesome but could be potentially not awesome is that, after much convincing from Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel, Thad Matta and more, Nick Swisher, a former Buckeye and Yankee, signed a four-year $56 million deal with the Tribe, as long as his physical holds up. Yesterday, Swisher tweeted:

Wow! What a crazy few weeks. Hey Cleveland! Are you ready? Because I’m coming home! #RollTribe

I’m optimistic about Swisher, but as a Cleveland fan, I don’t want to be TOO optimistic. We get our hopes up a lot here.

Duron Carter dropped out of FAU

In the least shocking news of the week, Duron Carter officially dropped out of Florida Atlantic. Some speculate this is because he would rather pursue a career playing endless hours of Black Ops, but he actually has a plan. Kind of. Apparently, he will be entering the NFL draft. This might work out well for him, but it probably won’t. Carter is now leaving his fourth since 2009. I would have to guess his lack of commitment to a program in favor of video games and spoiled brat syndrome is not going to look well to NFL coaches and front offices. If he can get his act together and prove himself in the combine, than maybe he’ll have a chance. I want to wish him the best, but I won’t be surprised if this too doesn’t work out.

Holiday links

Oakland, try to stay safe this Christmas…Fiscal cliff survival tipsForbes’ best holiday movie of all time stars Bruce Willis…And let’s not forget the best holiday ads…Sometimes, anonymous is the best person, even in Michigan…The last Newsweek print cover ever takes on Twitter…Happy holidays from Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

While I normally end with links, I decided, since it’s Christmas and all, that I would leave you with the cutest/saddest Christmas YouTube video ever. I have had this song stuck in my head for approximately one week, so it’s about time I share the love. Merry Christmas to you and yours!



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