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Ohio State hive.

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Good morning, OHD fans and welcome to your first Monday Morning Hive heading into official post-season play. I was not able to catch the selection show, but I truly love the humorous remarks by the analysts regarding Northern Illinois’ capability to play in a BCS bowl. We all knew this was coming, just like we all are fully aware how far opposite of “journalistic integrity” ESPN holds itself to, so why is everyone is acting surprised by any of it? As a fan (and maybe a somewhat bitter fan since Kent State came up short, and I say that lightly), I have my doubts about NIU being able to beat Florida State, but by no means do I think they don’t deserve to be there. They deserve it just as much as Wisconsin and Stanford deserve to be in the Rose Bowl, Louisville in the Sugar Bowl, etc., etc. It’s just so comical that the sports media continues to make the debate about the bowl selections into a conversation that doesn’t need to happen. The system is how it is and that’s why it’s ending. So, let’s move on, shall we?

B1G and MACTION Bowl Selection fun

Equally hilarious than every condescending comment made by the ESPN analysts was how the bowl selection news was leaked hours earlier than the selection show. Part of the downfall of the TV media business is the inability to realize that the Internet is faster. Yet we still watch. Amazing stuff, right there.

You can read the full lineup of bowl games on (the much less annoying version of the ESPN-media conglomerate), but here is the breakdown of the B1G teams going to bowl games and where they’ll be:

B1G Bowls. B1g St4ges. B1G Derps.

  • Rose Bowl Game, now presented by Vizio: Wisconsin vs. Stanford. I hope Stanford puts up points on points on points on Wisconsin. Again, not because I don’t think they deserve to be there, that’s how the numbers played out. It’s because I want to hear news days later of Bret Bielema going on a 48-hour cheeseburger binge outside some gas station in the middle of Wisconsin to drown his sorrows after this loss.
  • Capital One Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia. Can’t wait for all the SEC love and B1G hate that will probably end up being accurate, yet we’ll all pray it isn’t.
  • Outback Bowl: Michigan vs. South Carolina. We all know how this will end.
  • Heart of Dallas Bowl: Purdue vs. Oklahoma State. I actually think Purdue will put up a good fight. I don’t know why.
  • Gator Bowl: Northwestern vs. Mississippi State: If the B1G only gets one win this bowl season, this will be it.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: Michigan State vs. TCU. The sponsorship by genetically modified chicken would have been more fitting for Wisconsin, but this is how the cards fell and don’t pretend you won’t watch
  • Meineke Car Care Bowl: Minnesota vs. Texas Tech. Minnesota is in a bowl game and Ohio State, who finished the season ranking No. 3 in the AP, is watching on TV. I’m ready for next season.

The MAC will also be headed to seven bowls this winter. Besides NIU in the Orange Bowl, Kent State will be in the Bowl against Arkansas State, and Ohio, Bowling Green, Ball State, Toledo and Central Michigan will all be competing in the post-season. It will be mighty interesting to see how the two conferences’ bowl records compare. I legitimately think the MAC will fare better, but, it’s college football. I’m sad to see it go so soon, but next season can’t get here fast enough.

B1G Linkage

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