Marcelys Jones Is 2014′s First Verbal

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Marcelys Jones

Ohio State is well into a final push for a strong 2013 recruiting class.  Without a bowl game for which to prepare,  and hindered only momentarily by a “dead period” in recruiting, there is little else for Urban Meyer and company to do but stock the 2013 recruiting class with what talent it can find.  That said, Urban Meyer and his staff got an unexpected Christmas surprise on Tuesday when it landed its first verbal commitment of next year’s recruiting class.  Marcelys Jones, an offensive/defensive line prospect from the fabled Glenville program in Cleveland, Ohio, announced the good news when Buckeye fans were opening their Christmas presents.

Jones’ announcement was very surprising, given the reputation of Ted Ginn Sr.’s Glenville program.  Almost without fail, Tarblooders extend the recruiting process into the eleventh hour, taking all, or nearly all, official visits before making a decision.  Some of the logic behind this is to get more visibility for the program and, thus, for other Tarblooders seeking college scholarships, even at the MAC level.  Nevertheless, only Jonathan Newsome, in recent memory, eschewed such a process by committing early into the recruiting campaign.  Still, Newsome committed in the summer before his senior year.  Jones has him beat by seven months.

When pressed for “why”, Jones’ response was to the point.  Rather than elaborate “why”, Jones asked “why not?”  He always wanted to stay close to home and play for a championship-caliber program, such as the in-state Buckeyes.  Further, Jones saw utility in being the first name to be part of this 2014 recruiting class.  He at least saw more value in that than he saw in milking the process into college visits across the country.  So, Jones ended the process early.

Whereas Jones has 13 months before he is scheduled to sign a letter of intent, he does not have many offers to his name.  Indiana was the only other offer, but it is very likely he will be one of the state’s most coveted players.  He at least would have been if he decided to play out the process.  As it is, Jones gives Ohio State a nice building block at offensive line recruiting, and for recruiting in 2014 going forward.


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