Ohio State Beats Michigan, Everyone, en Route to 12-0 Season

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It wasn't a bad debut at all for Urban Meyer, now beloved in the Great State of Ohio. January 2007 seems like so long ago now.

I’m going to defer a more thorough analysis of this game to Michael’s excellent “The Way I Saw It” feature.  This really wasn’t the win we were wanting (because That Team Up North wasn’t cratered by a million, obviously), nor was it the type of game I thought would unfold.  Ohio State started off fast, and the Wolverines countered with two huge plays in the first half.  The Roy Roundtree touchdown was one where two defenders were covering three wide receivers, making CJ Barnett wrong no matter what poison he chose to drink.  That Denard Robinson touchdown was unlike anything I had ever seen from him before.  That was basically it for the Wolvereenies, though.  Ohio State shut them out in the second half.  Two Drew Basil field goals were sufficient for victory.

Your most valuable player of the game: Dave.  Remember that play we hated last year?  Urban Meyer ran it in a spread set, and it won the game for us.  Marcus Hall as a backside pulling guard opened the way for Carlos Hyde as a nice constraint for the inside zone formation.  I discuss the logic of it here.

I have some questions about what exactly we were doing coming from timeouts this game, and I’m not sure I trust Braxton Miller in a five wide set anymore.  At least, not for this season that is now over.  There’s more I’ll say about it, but nothing overlapping with what Michael will tell you this week.  For now, enjoy the victory.  It was a lot of fun, as was this season.  See you next year, Columbus.


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    Hi Fans , MY God , The season is over , its time to sit back and enjoy all Coach Meyer accomplished this season !! Let OSU’s coaches analized and pick apart the game .

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