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Ohio State hive.

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Good morning Hivesters and welcome to your Monday edition of The Hive. Though it is a day later than the actual holiday, I’d like to dedicate this column to all the veteran’s and current troops who possess the unique bravery to stand up for our country, a bravery most of us lack. Both my parents, my uncle and a cousin by marriage served at some point and I am thankful for it. What did seem to damper the weekend, however, was our best friend water, which ruined the carrier classic for the Buckeyes’ season opener against Marquette. Most of us looked forward to this game and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to see a rematch in a different venue. Oh the bright side, the OSU women played the first-ever women’s basketball game on an aircraft carrier that afternoon, before nature intervened. Unfortunately, the Buckeyes lost to Notre Dame 57-51, but it’s always cool to be part of history.

While the season opener was supposed to set the tone for the Buckeyes thanks to its high-profile opener, the team was able to return to Columbus for a little Sunday afternoon delight against Albany. Their mascot is the Great Dane, which is an awesome specimen of a dog. Though they live short lifespans, they are true gentle giants and have a certain sweetness about them. It also takes a special person to care for a Great Dane, one who is willing to spend lots and lots of dollars on dog food each month. Well worth it, though.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for sweet dogs to match up against poisonous nuts (cliche, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now). The Buckeyes came away with an 82-60 victory over Albany, in a game where Aaron Craft threw up a career high 20 points, five of them three’s. Michael has your full recap, but it was a great day for Deshaun Thomas, Lenzelle Smith and LaQuinton Ross as well. I’m pretty pumped for shooty hoops to be back in my life, especially because Ohio State’s football season ends around 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24.

College football is crazy

October play is usually my favorite month for college football, but November is pretty fun as well. Did you see that Alabama is no longer No. 1 in every poll? And did you see that the mighty Kent State Golden Flashes are No. 25?? Last time this happened we still had troops in Vietnam. While I’m sure there are a number of students at the school who have no idea where Dix Stadium is located, Kent State is the real deal, my friends. Although, in MACTION, this timely bout of awesome also means Coach Hazell is probably on his way out to bigger stages. We’ll have to stay tuned and see where his road will travel.

Meanwhile, Johnny Manziel, or as his parents would like to trademark, Johnny Football, did some nice things against Alabama to pave the way for a Kansas State v. Oregon title game. Remember, kids, neither of those teams are in the SEC, so for those of you who have been rooting for a non-SEC title game all year, your wish is likely to be granted. I will admit, I was at a wedding this weekend. Before you start hootin’ and hollerin’, let’s not forget that the Browns and the Buckeyes were both on a bye. I think that was pretty good planning. I did miss a lot of football, but I was able to catch the important stuff. Now, let’s put our party pants on like we’re headed to a Bret Bielema frat bash and get ready to feel great about being Buckeyes in Madison.

Links and things

Here are a bunch of videos capturing the moment dogs meet their soldiers after they returned home…And here is something much more creepy…In previously mentioned news, water is wet#RIPJELENA…The quote from U Albany coach Will Brown is just flawless…


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