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Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to your first hive of the week. If you’re like me and have had weekend after weekend of football activities, you’re probably just as ready for a no-hate weekend. Coincidentally, the Buckeyes and the Browns are off. You’d think I’d use this time to relax and heal my liver, but no. A good friend of mine who is a fan of both teams decided this would be a perfect opportunity to get married Nov. 10. I am quite excited for this but also really longing for a hibernation weekend. At least Ohio State’s season ends Nov. 24, amirite?? */crying, so much.

Michael has your Illinois recap, but I will say I am quite pleased that the Illibuck remains in Ohio, among other things that happened in that game.

Buckeye Basketball is back in action

With no football this weekend, we can turn our attention to the Carrier Classic Friday versus Marquette in South Carolina. Last week’s game against Walsh was pretty bland, but I have no doubt the Buckeyes will find the on switch for this high-profile event. Other upcoming games on deck for November are Albany (11/11), Rhode Island (11/17), Washington or Seton Hall (11/18), Missouri- Kansas City (11/23) and Duke (11/28). Marquette, Duke and the upcoming rematch against Kansas in December are the biggest tests before B1G play. That performance during the Walsh game needs to expire now.

Lady Buckeyes are B1G Champs

The Ohio State women’s soccer team also had a big 2-1 win against Illinois and are now B1G Ten champions. The Buckeyes were seeded No. 2 and this was their third Big Ten Tournament title in program history. They also tied the 2004 team for the longest win streak in program history at 9. Tiffany Cameron scored the first goal of the day and increased her goal count to 19. She was also named the Offensive Player of the Tournament while Jilliam McVicker was named Defensive Player of the Tournament.

The Buckeyes await their NCAA Tournament selection which will be decided at 4:30 p.m. today, and you can follow online.

Get out and vote

No matter what political leanings you have, it is important to get out and vote if you haven’t already done so. Google makes it very easy to find your voting location. If you’re in Ohio, you’re especially important because how we vote determines the next four years in history. I’m probably not very convincing, but the Ohio State Marching Band put together this display of patriotism that I think will remind you that it’s pretty cool to be an American and have this chance.




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