Live Hating 2012: That Team Up North

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Donnie just flat out HATES.

It ends this afternoon.  Ohio State’s 2012 season, beset from the beginning with the penalties imposed by the NCAA from the Tatgate scandal, comes to an end this afternoon when it takes on its rival from up north.  The Wolvereenies have the bowl game, and possibly the B1G TEN Championship, after this, but The Game is closure for Ohio State football this season.  As it should, I guess, given the circumstances.

My preview went online yesterday.  Can Ohio State limit the big plays for the Wolvereenies?  That Team Up North isn’t very good at getting chunk plays, but they’re good enough.  As we’ve seen this season, Ohio State isn’t very good at stopping big run plays either.  Can our defense make Denard Robinson one dimensional, at least to the point that he becomes the Denard that we all know and love?  We hope so, but that remains to be seen.

Live blog is below.  I won’t be there with my usual “DIE _ICHIGAN DIE”, because I’ll be at the game and tailgating at Lane and Fyffe before that.  Death to _ichigan. Death to _chigan.


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