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Ohio State hive.

In the Hive.

Hello all welcome to your morning Hive, Tuesday edition! This weekend was absolutely outstanding here in the capital city. O.A.R. played a free concert on the oval Thursday–which was a great show–and of course, Saturday. Saturday was such an awesome day. I love when Ohio State hosts night games, they are usually pretty memorable. We’ve seen Ohio State lose its share of night games in the ‘Shoe (Texas, Penn State, USC), but in the last 2 seasons, the Buckeyes have treated Ohio Stadium patrons to impressive victories after the sun has gone down. Obviously, last season was Ohio State beating Bert Bielema and Wisconsin and of course, this past Saturday’s Ohio State victory over Nebraska, 63-38. Much like the Miami (OH) game earlier this season, OSU started slow only to kick it into high-gear for the final 3 quarters and blow their opponent out.

What an absolute great performance by the Ohio State Buckeyes. There are, obviously, areas of concerns–depth at LB, missed tackles, giving up big plays to opposing offenses, lack of a passing game, etc.–but this team has continued to get better. They’ve proved they can win in any type of game. They went into East Lansing and won a low-scoring, defensive struggle against a good MSU team and now this–a game that saw both teams put up a combined 101 points (over 3 times as many points as when Ohio State played MSU). I don’t want to get ahead of myself and look too far into the future, but can this Ohio State team go 12-0? After a 6-6* season last year, can Ohio State flip the script and go unbeaten just one year later?

Let’s delve into the morning Hive to find out, shall we?

In any other year in the Big Ten, I don’t think Ohio State could go undefeated. In any other year, they would be sure to stumble in either Happy Valley or at Camp Randall. But, this isn’t any other year. This isn’t the Big Ten fans are accustomed to seeing. This Big Ten resembles a conference that has teams such as Cincinnati, Rutgers, and USF. I usually don’t like to get ahead of myself and ponder things such as this, especially midway through the season, but at some point, I think you have to be curious about this possibility. Ohio State, through 6 games, as looked like the conference’s best team–and it’s not even close.

Before the season, Buckeye fans circled 4 games that would make or break Ohio State’s season. Those 4 games were/are at MSU, Nebraska, at Wisconsin, and TTUN. However, before the season, everyone overlooked Penn State, which you can’t do now. So, Ohio State has 3 potential stumbling blocks left. To me, the toughest of the 5 games are at MSU and against Nebraska–and Ohio State has won both of those already. I think MSU and Nebraska are the best 2 teams in that five-some. MSU was Ohio State’s first B1G game and first road game and Nebraska, to me, is the best team out of those 5. Now, with 2 of the 5 games in the books, that leaves the game in State College, at Camp Randall and home against TTUN.

Besides the 3 games I just mentioned, Ohio State also plays at Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois. But barring some cataclysmic event, I don’t see any possible way that Ohio State could lose this weekend at Indiana or at home to either Purdue or Illinois. So, once again, that leaves at Penn State, at Wisconsin, and home against TTUN. I never thought, in a million years, that I would say this, but Penn State is probably Ohio State’s toughest test left on the schedule. OSU has a bye week before they play Wisconsin and TTUN, which gives the Buckeyes extra time to prepare and get healthy before those 2 games. Also, TTUN will basically be Ohio State’s bowl game and the Buckeyes desperately want revenge for their loss last year in Ann Arbor. Penn State is playing inspired football and Happy Valley is never an easy place to play for opponents. Plus, like Ohio State’s game vs. TTUN, Penn State will treat games–like their contest against OSU–as their bowl game.

It’s been a fun first 6 weeks of the season thus far and I have a feeling that it’s only going to get better.

OSUs weekly 2-deep depth chart was released yesterday and can be seen here.

Urban Meyer’s weekly presser can be seen here.


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Josh is a senior communication major at The Ohio State University.


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