Monday Morning Hive Returns from Enemy Lines

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Ohio State hive.

In the Hive.

Good morning Buckeyes and welcome to you Monday Morning Hive. If you live anywhere from Ohio to the east coast, you’re probably experiencing Sandy effects at full, or at least some, steam. While Cleveland isn’t getting the worst of it by any means, we still have creepy, Halloween-like 50 mph winds headed our way and Lakeshore flooding downtown. Which is never, ever good. Rightfully so, my employer closed our NYC and New Jersey offices and I’m sure many of my NYC friends are making the most of it and celebrating with hurricane-themed Halloween parties.

Despite the onset of crappy weather, State College was awesome this weekend. It didn’t start raining until Sunday morning, so the game-day conditions were flawless. I have never traveled to an Ohio State away game, not even when they played Toledo at Browns stadium so this was definitely an exceptional weekend for me. Because Beaver Stadium is literally surrounded by fields, the tailgating is given its own massive land plots for everyone to use festively. At Ohio State, the tailgating is superb, but it just kind of pops up wherever there’s an empty space. So, this was pretty neat. Overall, the fans were nice and welcoming. Only one person heckled with us the whole day.

For the game, we didn’t know it at the time of purchase, but  our tickets were in the Ohio State section. Always a nice surprise to be surrounded by friendly faces. All the Penn State people sporadically scattered across our section were truly regretting their last-minute decision to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster the Friday before. As always, Vico has your full recap, but the 35-23 win in the Probation Bowl was just as sweet away as it would have been at home. I’m glad my first away game was in Happy Valley, as it has now marked my quest to go to a Buckeye game at each B1G school at least once in my life. Soon, Ann Arbor. Soon.

A great weekend in Buckeye sports

In case you missed it, Ohio State sports had a stellar weekend all around, especially Friday. Every team that played Friday night came away with a win, including both hockey teams, women’s volleyball and women’s soccer. By now, you’ve probably heard of a young lady named Tiffany Cameron. This girl has shattered the Buckeye women’s soccer record books with 37 career goals and 41 season points. I hate to take the words for everyone’s favorite macho man, Bret Bielema, but this weekend, it was great to be a Buckeye.

Darrell Hazell is the man

Up until Saturday, the Kent State Golden Flashes have never beaten a ranked opponent in 22 tries. How perfect was the timing to get that W? In a stunning upset of one of Hazell’s former employers, the Flashes beat Rutgers 35-23. That number looks familiar. What doesn’t look familiar is that Kent State is now 7-1, heading to a bowl game and sitting atop the MAC after Ohio lost to Miami of Ohio. Some facts: Kent State hasn’t had this big of a win streaking since before World War 2 and hasn’t gone to a bowl game since the Vietnam War era.

Known for its stellar arts and liberal arts programs in the academic world, I could probably make a case that there are people at Kent who don’t even know there’s a football team and hundreds more who have never seen Dix Stadium or showed interest. Now, this former Tressel assistant is restoring a sense of pride and togetherness within the school.

As much as academic types hate to hear it, when your sports teams are doing well (especially football and basketball), people are going to take notice much faster than if your fashion school is in the nation’s top 10. While this standout season probably means Hazell will head to larger pastures, as it always happens in the MAC, Kent State finally has a beacon in the record books and can build up recruiting and become a top contender for the best kids not going to the B1G.

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  1. 1 Angie

    I feel I have to back up your statement about the treatment we got as Ohio State fans. We were welcomed to Beaver stadium through out the day as we tailgated and walked around campus. I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly the fans were. There is always that one person in the crowd that is an idiot. So with your 1 and mine we will say they had 2 idiots. The rest of the fans were great. Way to go Buckeyes!! Brought home the win. Now lets go for 10-0 :) Lets Go Bucks!!

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