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Good morning, Buckeye Nation. Welcome to your Thursday Morning Hive. We’re just over 48 hours until what may be the toughest game of Ohio State’s non-conference schedule. Of course, being a Buckeye in Orlando, I’m scared to death of our guys laying an egg and having to live among the suddenly brazen UCF Golden Knights fans, most of which don’t currently exist. Having lived here since 2004, I can honestly say Central Florida might not be in the top two college teams among Orlando citizens. I have found in a very general way (purely observational) that O-town waffles between being a Seminoles town or a Gators city. When I moved here there were far more Florida State stickers and flags on cars than anything else. After the 2007 season it was suddenly wall-to-wall Gators stuff and you hardly ever saw Chief Osceola’s likeness anywhere. The last couple of years have seen a sharp drop off for Florida and a very slight increase in FSU paraphernalia. A win over Ohio State would, no doubt, turn this bandwagon city into Knightsville, USA. But enough about that. Let’s just not have that happen. Other stuff is more fun to discuss.

For example, Jamal Marcus, Ricquan Southward, and walk-on punter Kevin Niehoff are the latest to get their black freshman stripes removed from their helmets and we say, well done, young men. Yesterday after practice, Urban Meyer called Ohio State an average 1-0 team and praised Central Florida as being a very good team. Meyer said the Knights could compete in the B1G this season. Do you agree? If you agree, does it say more about UCF or about the state of the Big Ten? I’ll reserve judgment until I see the game on Saturday, but my usual skeptical self wants to see UCF perform well against good competition first, and not rely on their complete and utter destruction of Akron last week. Well, we’ll see soon enough, won’t we? Let’s make with the hivin’.

Something to play for after all?

Apparently Ohio State is eligible to win whatever horribly-named division they’re in. The Buckeyes can’t represent that division in the B1G title game, but they can win the division trophy. Penn State is also eligible to…HAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry, no. This may provide a little extra motivation whereas we once thought none existed. After a B1G spokesperson said the league would recognize Ohio State as the division champion if the Buckeyes ended the season with the best record, the story spread like wildfire through the Twitterverse and beyond. Some people, like Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated, called that concept, “dumb.” Personally, I think it would be a great way to troll the NCAA by adding a trophy in a bowl banned year. Besides, if Wisconsin finished behind Ohio State and went to the league’s championship game, we’d all still know who the best team in the division was, right? Of course, there’s a lot of football yet to be played.


Yesterday, our bro Jeff Svoboda of Buckeye Sports Bulletin dug up some really cool history about UCF’s mascot and nickname on the school’s athletics website. Did you know the Golden Knights were known as the Citronauts once upon a time? It’s either a play on the combination of Central Florida’s citrus crop and its famous Space Coast, or else they were way early in paying homage to me (because of my last name, you see). Well, needless to say, the missing possibility of having a team called the Citronauts did not sit well with our own Vico, who protested vociferously, as well he might. If you’re wondering what a Citronaut would look like, well it’s even more awesome than you imagined.

Bert Bielema. (h/t @_TheUnderdogs_)

That’s all the big stuff, but there’s more to see below. Later you’ll see Vico’s preview of Ohio State’s offense against UCF’s 4-3 defense and the TV Guide returns! I’ll be back with your weekly Tailgatin’ feature tomorrow and Charles will tell you what you can expect from TBDBITL.


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