Ohio State Gets Commitment from Tyquan Lewis

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Tyquan Lewis

“Juice”. “Swag”.  It’s hard for an old man like me to keep up with the new terminology in recruiting circles, though it’s been fun to try of late.  Ohio State’s recruiting class in 2013 will be hamstrung a bit by scholarship reductions, though the severity is far, far below what USC and Penn State will face for the next few years.  However, a lot of stars are lining up and some of the additions elicit considerable excitement.  This is the case for Tyquan Lewis, a linebacker/defensive end prospect from Tarboro, North Carolina, who just committed to the Buckeyes this afternoon.

It’d be too simplistic to attribute this to the “SEC-ification” of Ohio State’s defense, since, really, that term would be annoying as hell and misleading.  Instead, an addition like this underscores Meyer’s commitment to defense and the primacy Meyer places on defense as part of the overall team philosophy.  This can be highlighted with Meyer’s recent comment that having a terrible defensive line is sufficient to having a terrible football team.  Lewis may actually not play defensive end at Ohio State.  He has been considered a future “Viper” candidate, with responsibilities more akin to a linebacker.  Considering the addition of Jamal Marcus in the last class, Lewis might be a push toward the monster linebackers we see at programs like Alabama (and saw in the last decade at USC).  Rather than having 225lb linebackers that can fly around and make plays, we could be seeing a step toward having 240-50lb linebackers who can run around and dominate the game.  Lewis, who had offers from programs like Auburn, Clemson, Louisiana State, and South Carolina, among others, is a nice addition toward that end.

Getting a prospect like Lewis can be attributed to Meyer and his focus, but a big tip of the hat goes to Everett Withers.  His Carolina connections have paid considerable dividends lately.  He is a great asset to our football program and I fear we may not keep him long.

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