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Donnie likes to Sparty.

Ohio State begins its B1G TEN run to a late November season conclusion this afternoon against Michigan State.  The Buckeyes are ineligible to play past the regular season finale against the Wolverines, but are nevertheless eligible for a divisional championship.  I don’t know what hyphenated trophy that’s called, nor do I recall what our division is called (Leaders? Legends?).  Still, there’s one little carrot at the end of the road for Ohio State.  Meanwhile, Michigan State is looking to rebound from two disappointing games in Weeks 3 and 4.  In Week 3, the Spartans were dominated 20-3 in its own stadium at night, dropping a deflating decision to the Irish.  In Week 4, the Spartans herp-a-derped its way past Eastern State Up North, one of the traditionally worst teams in the MAC.  Michigan State can start anew this week against the Buckeyes, using a potential win here to propel itself in its divisional race against tough competition from the Cornhuskers and Wolverines… and currently undefeated Wildcats and Golden Gophers.

My preview went online yesterday.  It’s really strength vs. strength (Ohio State’s offense v. Sparty’s defense) and weakness v. weakness (Sparty’s offense v. Ohio State’s defense).  Can Ohio State shut down the Dave play?  If Michigan State’s base running plays for Le’Veon Bell get 4-5 yards every time, then Ohio State is in a lot of trouble.  If it’s not working, then Andrew Maxwell, the least efficient quarterback in the B1G, is in a very difficult spot.  Can Ohio State win the turnover battle?  Michigan State isn’t particularly bad at turnover margin (-1), but Ohio State is superb.  Empty possessions for Sparty allows Ohio State the opportunity to brute force points against the best defense in the conference.

Live blog is below.  I’ll see you there.


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