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Hello and welcome to your morning Hive, Tuesday edition! Let me start by apologizing to the loyal Hive-sters for not having a Tuesday morning Hive last week. I promise it will never happen again. Ok, well, I don’t promise, but I’ll try? Okay, sounds good! I will be writing the Hive for this Thursday, so hopefully that’ll make up for it J I hope all of you are a having a good start to your week and that you had a fantastic weekend. If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that I was in a wedding over the weekend. And you also probably know that I had a few too many adult beverages and was drunk tweeting, like an idiot. But, for that, I can’t apologize. I had way too good of a time to care about anything else. And, hey, we all make fools of ourselves when we drink too much. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into some sports, shall we?

Obviously, as you all are well aware of, the most talked about news in the sports world has came to us from State College, PA. Yesterday, the NCAA came down on Penn State with sanctions, and they came down hard. As Margie wrote yesterday, Penn State got hit with a 4-year bowl ban, $60 million fine, loss over 40 total scholarships over the next 4 years, wins vacated from 1998-2011, and probation for the next 5 years. This is worse than what the death penalty–which means that Penn State would not have had any football activities for a period of time that the NCAA see fit–would have been. This is crippling to the Penn State football program, and rightfully so.

It is unfortunate that innocent people have to be punished for others’ wrong doings, but its unequivocally the fair, just thing to do. But, as Desmond Howard yesterday on ESPN put it, “The victims didn’t have a choice because of the culture at Penn State University, particularly in the football program. These football players have a choice.” He is right. The players can transfer without penalty and play wherever they want. They have a choice, Jerry Sandusky’s victims did not. Coaches, administrators, and others let the innocence be taken from several kids, and did absolutely nothing. They let a child molester prey on young, impressionable children and did absolutely nothing. Well, it was time for someone to finally do something, and the NCAA did. This punishment, in no way, shape, or form will ever make things okay, but I’m glad to see the NCAA take a stand and delivery stiff sanctions to Penn State.

I hope that, in all of this, the victims always get remembered. I know in a world that is enthralled with sports, it can sometimes take over our lives and take precedent over other matters, I truly hope it doesn’t here. No money, bowl-ban, loss of scholarships, etc. can ever restore the childhoods that Jerry Sandusky took from his victims.


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