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Well hey there and welcome to your morning Hive, Tuesday edition! Like me and the title of this Hive, I hope you all are staying cool in the heat of the summer. Being here in Columbus, the summer is typically pretty bearable. Well, not this week. As I happened to check the weather for the upcoming week, I saw that it will be 99 freaking degrees this Thursday! Click here. I will undoubtedly be taking my talents to the pool several times this week. Sadly, Wendy Peffercorn will not be there. For those of you who don’t know who that is, obviously you didn’t click on the link a couple sentences ago. And for that, I’m am disappointed? Like The Sandlot, however, I am perfectly fine with the heat of the summer as long as the pool and baseball are involved. Unfortunately for me, I am an Indians fan and they got smoked last night by the Yankees. Other than watching the Tribe on TV and the occasional trip up to Cleveland to Progressive Field, I really enjoy going down to Huntington Park to watch the Clippers play. For those of you who have never been there, I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful ballpark. And as I wrote a couple weeks ago, they have 10-cent hotdogs every Monday home game! Dime-A-Dog night is quite the experience.

Enough about that stuff, Buckeye Nation. Let’s delve into your morning Hive, shall we?

Yesterday, ESPN’s Andy Katz reported that former Ohio State basketball star Jared Sullinger was not invited to the NBA draft this Thursday night in Newark, New Jersey. As we found out roughly 4 days ago, Jared Sullinger was medically flagged by NBA doctors that are concerned about Sullinger’s back problems.

Before the injury questions, many mock drafts and many experts had Sully going anywhere from the 7-13 range. Now, with the injury questions, Sullinger’s stock has fallen significantly. The same mock drafts that had him in the 7-13 range now have him in the 14-27 range. Which is obviously much lower and has lead to the big fella not being invited to the draft. CBS’ Jeff Goodman has Sullinger going 14th to the Houston Rockets, but that’s the highest I’ve seen from any projection lately. Also, someone on BleacherReport.com has Sullinger falling all the way to the Miami Heat at number 27. Both projections are the high and low ends of the scale for Sullinger. Most of the mock drafts out there have the big fella going 20th overall to the Boston Celtics.

This has to be difficult for Jared Sullinger as he’s been a star in college and had he came out after his freshman season, he would have easily been a top-5 pick. Unfortunately for him, he decided to return for his sophomore season at Ohio State and it hurt his draft stock immensely. He’s still going to go in the first round and I see Sullinger becoming a solid NBA pro. If he does indeed go in the latter part of the first round, at least he will go to a team with the ability to contend right away.

Troy Smith, like Jared Sullinger, is a guy that had everything in college, but has seen the transition to the professional ranks to be a tough one. Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers released Troy Smith. The team tweeted the news out from their Twitter account @Steelers. The Steelers signed Smith this offseason in late January. Unfortunately for both sides, it didn’t work out. I don’t know why Smith is unable to stick to an NFL team. I think he is an excellent backup quarterback that has proven he can play at the NFL level in the times that he’s been given a chance. I guess, though, some guys just aren’t cut out to be a backup quarterback. I really hope that he’s able to get another shot because honestly, I think he can succeed on the NFL level. That may be my bias showing through as he is my all-time favorite Buckeye, but in starts with the Ravens and 49ers, he’s played fairly well. The guy is a winner, flat-out. And I, like many Buckeye fans across the nation, will be rooting for him to make it in the NFL. Hopefully he’ll get another chance.

As always, Hive-sters, Go Bucks!


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