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Margie and Jim Tressel at the House of Blues

Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel and myself looking stunning on a Friday afternoon.

Happy Monday Buckeyes! I hope everyone had a fabulous Father’s Day weekend. I spent the weekend moving into my new apartment in downtown Cleveland. I do not have a view of Browns stadium but that’s fine since the thought of it brings me much pain and suffering.

To start the weekend, a few people from my former graduate program at Kent State came to visit the CLE during lunch Friday. I suggested we eat at the House of Blues, (which is quite delicious. Unfortunately, the restaurant’s computer system was down so everything was running on old school methods, making me run a little late for work. As soon as I took my last bite from my steak tacos, I left the table, still chewing and ran into my old boss. Who just happened to be with Jim Tressel. I still have no clue how they know each other.

Of course, this caught me off guard. Had I known I was going to run into one of my favorite Buckeyes I would have prepared for this moment and actually swallowed before leaving the table. Despite my poor manners, Tressel took a photo with me and chatted about Ohio State, Akron and what I do with my career. The best part about our conversation was how normal and comfortable it was…beside my face full of food and star-struck eyes. I’ve actually never met anyone that level of famous in the sports world and I couldn’t be happier that Tressel was my first encounter.

Bobek transfers

And now onto news unrelated to me. Brian Bobek, one of the country’s top-ranked centers coming into his freshman season last year, announced he is transferring to Minnesota. Because he transferred to another B1G school, Bobek loses a year of eligibility and will miss the 2012 season. One of the speculated reason for the transfer was his falling to third-string center under Urban Meyer.

Urban heads east

Speaking of Meyer, the coach had a pretty eventful weekend as he took the recruiting train to Pennsylvania to fetch a new Terrel Pryor. Wait…no…not that. Meyer happened to be in attendance for the Big 33 All-Star game and answered questions regarding recruiting along with Penn State’s new coach, Bill O’Brien and Pitt’s coach Paul Chryst. Fun fact: Meyer, O’Brien and Chryst are all first-year coaches for their respective programs. We shall see how this plays out for recruiting purposes.

Mewhort and Stoneburner lose scholarships…for now

Following Jack Mewhort’s and Jake Stoneburner’s public urination conflict, which led to their arrests for evading police and their indefinite suspensions, have now lost their scholarships for the summer. In a statement to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio State said the two will pay their own way for summer school and will have a chance to return to the football team and their scholarships after the summer session. The two are also still allowed to work out in the WHAC, but cannot work out with any other Buckeye players. The two are key starters, so we shall see how this pans out for the season.

That’s all the news I have today in the OSU world. I still can’t believe I met Tressel. And he was wearing an Akron tie. After our encounter I found myself thinking of all the things I wish I would have asked him. Like if he missed Ohio State, how does he like Akron, how does he know my boss, etc. So, Buckeyes, I pose the question to you: If you were to run into one of your favorite Buckeyes on the street, what would you want to ask?


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