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In the Hive

Hello again beautiful Buckeye fans! I am so glad to see your smiling Scarlet and Gray faces after a weekend spent in the unholiest of unholies, That State Up North. I’ve actually only been “up north” one other time in my life. I have very little desire to be that close to the black hole known as Brady Hokes gaping maw. (black Holke?) And my trip, aside from being a pleasant respite with some great friends, was what I expected of That State Up North. As soon as we hit the northern Ohio border into TSUN, I75 basically bottomed out requiring a quick switch to 4X4 All Terrain Drive. Hard to do in a Ford Focus though. It felt the way I assume Steve Buscemi’s toothbrush feels. And don’t get me started on the round-a-bouts, a.k.a. British Death Traps.

Other than the poor public transportation management by the TSUN Dept. of Transporation, the weekend did provide a great opportunity for me to have some decent face to face banter with some friends about college football over some margaritas and chorizo tacos (Viva la Drinko de Mayo!). One, a Sparty alum and the other a lifelong TTUN fan. Although the conversation was respectful and enjoyable, I did find it fascinating that each of these *ahem* gentlemen consider their respective schools as the current top dog in the B1G. (Although we all agreed that Bert Beilema is the kicked little puppy that belongs on the porch) One down year for the Buckeyes and all the also-rans come out from hiding in their blanket forts and think that it’s their time in the sun. Heh. Cute.

My Sparty counterpart went so far as to say that Urban Meyer is definitely not a long term solution for the Buckeyes. He seems to think that we will have (his words) maybe one B1G title, and maybe one National Title Game appearance before Urbz leaves in 4 or 5 years. I knew the stench Up North was permeating, but I didn’t know that it was particularly detrimental to the logic center of the prefrontal cortex.

In the end, we all called a truce (over shots of tequila) and toasted to the future of the B1G. We may seperately hate each others schools, but together, we all despise the University of the S.E.C.

Now, dear Hivers, I give you your incomparable Monday Morning Hive!

Backpeddling From the Buckeyes
Most of you know by now that on Friday former 2013 Commit LB Alex Anzalone decommitted from Ohio State. Although regretful, his decision came far in advance of signing day and therefore should not be regarded with much disdain from Buckeye faithful. Anzalone has a bright future and has some tough decisions to make for such a young man. However, it’s the ‘young’ part that has caused the controversy in this story.

Anzalone’s decision to decommit came on the heals of the release of information about a convicted pedophile, who happens to be an Ohio State fan, and who had been photographed with Anzalone (and other recruits) at some public events over Spring Game weekend. We here at OHD are not in the business of assuming, but we can respectfully speculate as to how this news might have affected the mindset of a guy who, at this point, is still underage and in high school. Getting photographed while being friendly with someone who turns out to have such a regrettable and unpleasant past would affect the psyche of a grown adult, let alone a still developing young man such as Anzalone.

After Alex’s announcement, Anzalones father, Sal, made this statement:

“You would think that these kinds of people would be kept at a distance away from recruits. The fact that (a sex offender) got close to recruits was the issue. Keep people like this away from them. I can’t be everywhere.”

He also made the comment that:

“Alex was creeped out by him. He thought something was wrong. Alex wasn’t going to get hurt. Alex could knock him out. But the point is, this creep shouldn’t be near recruits.”

He later backtracked/clarified a bit by saying:

“There’s nothing wrong with Ohio State; it’s a great institution. When I said there was something wrong with Ohio State, I was talking about the visit – there was something wrong with the visit, not with Ohio State.”

Sal Anzalone is just a parent protecting his child, which no one should find fault with. It is an unfortunate series of events though and has lasting implications. The least of those implications though, is whether Anzalone will eventually decide to play for Ohio State or choose another school. In situations such as these, the football aspect comes secondary to the safety of students, athletes, and those that are potential student-athletes. However, we must also be lucid enough to consider the safety of the troubled and sick man at the heart of the controversy. In no way would I, or anyone else, condone or downplay Charles Waugh’s past convictions and sickness as a pedophile. It is a vile and disgusting thing that affects far too many men. As a fellow Buckeye fan, I hope that Waugh is continuing to get help to overcome his problems. I understand wanting to interact with the guys who we so faithfully root for, and Twitter has made those interactions incredibly easy. However, I hope that he has learned that getting too close to the team and university, even simply as a fan, is detrimental to the results he likely is hoping to see come to fruition on the field.

Nonetheless, I personally look forward to seeing Anzalone succeed wherever he may end up. I also hope that Charles Waugh can continue to fend of the demons that have cost his beloved Buckeyes one potentially great future linebacker.

(Disclaimer: The preceding thoughts and opinions are not the collective thought of those here at OHD. They are simply my own personal opinions and are definitely not meant to offend or deter anyone.)

Buckeyes Swinging Like Hippies
Buckeye baseball and softball was in action over the weekend and both squads of bat wielders fended off more than their share of fastballs.

The ladies of the diamond had a terrific Sunday getting a 2-1 win over Iowa, and on Senior Day no less. The team recognized seniors Mikayla Endicott, Katie Simonton, Vanessa Spears and Alicia Herron after the victory.

But it was Freshman catcher Taylor Watkins that scored the first run of the game, in the fifth, by channeling Bryce Harper and stealing home during a throw down to second, as the Iowa catcher tried to pick off Alicia Herron stealing second base. Watkins then saved the day in the seventh inning with an RBI up the middle, which gave the Buckeyes a 2-1 lead that held up for the win. The Buckeye women finish the season at Penn State in State College, Pa. Ohio State will play a doubleheader vs. the Nittany Lions at 4 p.m. Friday before playing a single game at 1 p.m. Saturday. The first game of the series will be aired live on BTN.

The Buckeye men brought out the brooms on Sunday, sweeping Nerdwestern in their weekend series. The 4-1 win on Sunday capped off the weekend and improved their record to 27-20 on the season. It was a win that kept Ohio State’s tournament hopes alive.
One stat that stood out to me was that first basement Josh Dezse has reached base safely in 46 of 47 games this season. That’s… pretty good. Not only does he hit well, but he also came in as the closer to shut down the Wildcats in the ninth. Then he rolled out the tarp and completed his duties with the grounds crew, ran valet, and kissed a baby. He’s everywhere I tell ya.
The Buckeyes have Oklahoma State, in Stillwater, on Tuesday for a two game series, then Seattle next weekend. The following weekend they get back to work in the Big Ten when they travel to Bloomington to take on the Hoosiers. It will be an important series as it will likely decide their participation in the Big Ten Tournament. You know what to do Buckeyes:

Batter Up!

As always, have a great Monday Hivers and Go Bucks!


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Nate is a lifelong Buckeye fan Lost In Middle America. Sports, films, food, whisky. Easy peasy.


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  1. 1 jaxstor

    good stuff, Nate. But IMO the Anazalone’s got home, realized they committed to quick, and this gave them a perfect oppurtunity. Meyer is a high pressure recruiter, and they committed to quick. Yes I believe Dad was really outraged, but this was beyond OSU’s control and OSU acted quickly and correctly.

  2. 2 Nate

    I agree. It was something that could not be helped. Waugh is a person with a problem he has to deal with all of his life. I hope he has it in check, for the sake of people around him.

    Wish Anzalone the best though.

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