Monday Morning Hive Has A Sugar Hangover

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In the Hive

Fellow Defenders of Our Honor, it is a beautiful post-Easter morning! Hopefully, you didn’t have any trouble arising this morning after gorging yourself on jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and those atrocious marshmallow peeps. Though you’ll be cleaning up fake grass from baskets until Memorial Day. Alas, the workday beckons. The Man requires your complete uninterrupted attention to complete your assigned daily tasks. Which is why I am here, as a friend of the people, to dissuade your acquiescence and delay any actual progress for the day! Because, lets be honest, we are all just going through the motions and counting down the days until the Scarlet and Gray game on the 21st anyway. With that, it is time for the Hive!

Buckeyes Bring Out the Brooms
For the first time since 2001, the Buckeye baseball team swept the Minnesota Golden Gophers this past weekend. A 4-1 win on Sunday at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium capped off the weekend sweep. Starting pitcher John Kuchno got his fifth win of the season by throwing 6 scoreless innings, until he was replaced by Andrew Armstrong in the top of the seventh with a 2-1 lead.

Buckeye bats added to the lead in the bottom of that same inning with a solo home run by Tim Wetzel. A double by Patrick Porter then plated Ryan Cypret from second base to score the fourth and final run of the game for the good guys.

Head coach Greg Beals had this to say about the team:

“We aren’t flashy but we pitch, play defense and scratch and claw offensively.”

That sounds like a distinct lack of “cool guy” attitude, which we love seeing on any Buckeye team.

The Buckeyes are now 18-12 on the season, and improved to 5-4 in the Big Ten. Next up they play Ohio on Tuesday, Akron on Wednesday, then take on Nebraska next weekend in Columbus.

Tennis Two-fer
Speaking of beating Minnesota…

Both the Mens and Womens racket-wielding teams beat up on their Minny foes over the weekend. The ladies won 4-3 on Sunday, after picking up a 4-3 match win against Wisconsin on Saturday as well. The guys dominated the Gophers 7-1 on their way to victory. I’m not sure what sport Minnesota is actually competitive in, but the answer is not any in which they compete with THEE Ohio State University.

The similarities between OSU Men and OSU Womens tennis end there however. The women are 8-12 on the season. That makes the win over No. 33 Minnesota (13-5) even more sweet. The men on the other hand are ranked No. 3 in the nation and are 25-2 on the season. More astounding though is the 86 match conference win streak. That includes 143 consecutive wins at home in Columbus. There’s no place like home.

Mullens Career Night
This week in “Oh, he’s still alive?” news:

Byron Mullens (or BJ to Buckeye fans) had a career night playing for the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday. Mullens did his best to impress and emulate Bobcats owner Michael Jeffrey “G.O.A.T.” Jordan (although, not the GOAT of style) with a 31 point outburst. He also did his best Tank impression pulling a double-double with 14 rebounds.

What impressed me the most about his performance (other than ALL OF IT because who knew?!) was that he only had one three pointer made, and hit two free throws, but hit 13 of 23 shots from two-point field goal range. He showed some promise at Ohio State, but left after only one year. In that year he only averaged 8.8 points per game. So, 31 in an NBA game comes as an even bigger shock. At least to me.

Glad to see the Buckeye doing work in the League though. Maybe if the Bobcats ever start becoming relevant we will hear his name more often.

Spring Game 2012
As I said in the intro, the Ohio State Scarlet and Gray Spring Game is in two weeks, on April 21st. The school is preparing for close to 90,000 fans to attend the showcase of the newly minted program staff and athletes. If you remember, back in 2009 Buckeye fans set the record for spring game attendance at 95,722. That’s 90,000+ for a practice. We talkin’ bout PRACTICE!

I was there that day and the place was electric in anticipation of that following season. And it was hot. SCORCHING hot. In fact, I got sun poisoning. (What the hell is sunscreen?) I would post the photo, but, it makes me cry just to see it. But I was just one of many in Ohio Stadium, as the Buckeye faithful were out in full force, just like we always are.

With the Urban Renewal Plan in full swing, this year has the possibility for a new record setting attendance. I hope everyone who has the good fortune to have that day available will join me in showing our support for those that Defend Our Honor on the gridiron.

Before the football team takes to the field though, the Mens Lacrosse team will be taking on Air Force in the Showdown at the Shoe. Come out, come early, and root on both Buckeye teams!

The lacrosse match begins at 11a.m. with the football squad showing their stuff starting at 1:30. Of course, festivities begin long before that amirite?

Also, a free high-five to anyone who brings sunscreen. I always forget.

As always, GO BUCKS!


Written by: Nate McKenzie | full bio

Nate is a lifelong Buckeye fan Lost In Middle America. Sports, films, food, whisky. Easy peasy.


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  1. 1 Michael

    “and those atrocious marshmallow peeps.”

    You misspelled the word delicious. And of course I don’t have a sugar hangover. You have to slit the cellophane and let Peeps sit for a couple of days for maximum enjoyment.

  2. 2 Nate

    Is your definition of ‘delicious’ synonymous with hurl-inducing? Because that’s how I read that comment. I’ll just assume yes.

  3. 3 Michael

    I know the actual meanings of words. This knowledge led to my receiving a journalism degree from THE Ohio State University. Any attempt to undermine my word usage will be considered an attack on the university and will be met with deadly force. Those responsible for the uprising shall be considered TTUN sympathizers and will be terminated with extreme prejudice. If Peeps make you hurl, it is simple user error. Please consult your manual on how to enjoy life.

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    The new mailer from PESHA: Peeps Eaters Supporting Hitlers Agenda is in your office. I just laid it on your desk.

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    Of course I support Bob Hitler’s agenda. He’s saving puppies and orphans. Please give generously.

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