Thursday Morning Hive Isn’t Anywhere Near David Molk’s Level

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In the Hive

Good morning Hivers! Well, it’s been almost twelve hours, and I think that my heart has finally stopped pounding after last night’s game. The Buckeye Basketball team was literally one disturbingly-on-target John Shurna chuck-and-pray three-point basket away from having its Big Ten title hopes dashed by a bunch of Nerds. Fortunately, the shot clanged harmlessly off of the rim and Ohio State stands firmly in control of its own destiny. Win this Saturday in East Lansing, and it’s a co-Big 10 championship.

There has been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about this team, what it can still achieve, and whether or not it has been a dissapointment.  Making mattes worse, just yesterday for Michigan (football) center David Molk said that Jared Sullinger wasn’t in his league as a post player. All kidding aside, I think that the amount of bile being spit at this team, by its own fans no less, is getting out of hand. With all do respect to 97.1 The Fan’s Adam Neft (who, in this blogger’s opinion, is the station’s most entertaining host), if I have to listen to one more caller opine about Thad being in over his head or how Jared, William Buford, or the scapegoat du jour lacks the heart and talent to become a champion, my head just might explode.

Ten years ago, I never would’ve thought that I would be able to say this, but some OSU basketball fans have a sense of entitlement that is in dire need of toning down. Consider this for a moment, if this “disappointing” team makes it to the Sweet 16, that would be its fourth dur Thad Matta’s tenure as head coach. In the 20 years before Thad came to Ohio State, the Buckeyes reached the Sweet 16 three times. The fact that we’re in position to be disappointed by a possible split Big 10 Championship and Sweet 16 berth is a testament to just how far Thad has brought the program.

Now I’m not saying not to be annoyed when someone fires up a contested shot with 20 seconds left on the shot clock. I’m not saying you should be happy with a 3rd place finish in the B10, should the Buckeyes lose Saturday.  What I am saying is to take it down a notch and try to have some perspective. Complain all you want about these guys, but you’re going to miss them when they’re gone. Remember when the consensus was that this team wouldn’t lose too much without Jon Diebler and David Lighty? Now imagine what it’s going to be like should we lose Sullinger, Thomas, and Buford season. This OSU team is still a legit national title contender – remember, last season UConn lost 9 games including 4 of its last 10 regular season contests – and that’s not something that we’re going to be able to say every year. So sit back, try not to worry so much, and enjoy the show. After all, we’re all only here because David Molk allows us to be.

The Molkman Always Knocks Twice
Well, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means. This work-week is already four days old, so odds are someone from Michigan did something stupid. Well, you’re absolutely right. You may have notice throughout this article I’ve been referencing former Michigan Center David Molk and his general superiority to us. Well, that’s because earlier this week, Molk was asked about how he compared to OSU’s Michael Brewster and Wisconsin’s Peter Konz—two of the top Centers in the NFL draft. As is expected when you ask a Michigan grad a basic question, Molk blew a gasket.

Some selected quotes:

“”The fact they could consider any center better than me is pretty stupid,” Molk said during an interview at his Indianapolis hotel during the NFL Scouting Combine.

“The fact that I wasn’t a … consensus All-American pisses me off,” he said. “Well, maybe (the coaches) should have checked in to who was All-Big Ten and the lineman of the year in the … Big Ten before they did some stupid (crap) like that. Its just, stuff like that pisses me off.”

And finally, regarding Brewster….

“He is nowhere near me as a player,” Molk said.


Ladies and Gentlemen, a true Michigan man!

So would Brewster respond to Molk with similar comments? Of course not, he’s a Buckeye.

“It’s that time of year when guys say what they want to say, and that’s fine,” Brewster told The Detroit News in a telephone interview Wednesday afternoon. “I’m not going to retaliate in the media. It is what it is. He said what he said, and I wish him the best. I’m just worried about myself and my pro day and see where I go in the draft.”


Just a reminder, it’s the offseason, so  Michigan players past, present, and future have plenty of time to talk, which means this will probably not be the last time that you see a topic like this on Thursday morning.

Coombs Interviews for Secondary Coaching Job
With the departure of Bill Sheridan, there is one opening left open on Urban Meyer’s coaching staff. Apparently, Cincinnati’s Kerry Coombs is in the running for the position. Coombs  is the defensive backs coach and special teams coordinator for the Bearcats and previously served as the head coach for Colerain High School where he compiled an .826 winning percentage.  Coombs has a history of success, and knows the state of Ohio well. He would be an excellent addition to the staff. The only downside that I see is that Coombs isn’t anywhere near David Molk’s level as a coach.


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3 Responses to “Thursday Morning Hive Isn’t Anywhere Near David Molk’s Level”

  1. 1 Dan

    “Adele is a OK, but she’s nowhere near my level as a singer”

    -David Molk at the Grammys, probably

  2. 2 Michael

    You’re dead on about Buckeye fans acting entitled. This is a team that starts four sophomores. It’s so easy to lose sight of the youth on this team because Sully started last year and Craft played tons of minutes, but they’re still learning the game, especially Tank and Lenzelle. They also are learning how to lead. Last year was very easy for the freshmen, because they had guys like Lighty, Diebler, Buford and Lauderdale to show them the way. But three of those guys are gone and the other isn’t a natural leader. Also, there’s a reason the term “sophomore slump” exists. This team could leave the tourney early or could win it all, but either way, considering the guys we lost, this is a solid team having a very good season.

  3. 3 Nate

    I agree that there is too much bile flying in the direction of this team. And I am one of the culprits. I dont have a lot of faith that they are getting past the Sweet Sixteen, but worse teams have made the Final Four. Last years Butler team for instance, and the one man mirage, UCONN 2011.
    Based on pure talent, these kids can make a run. They just have to keep their heads in the game, and believe in each other. And stop jacking up ridiculous jumpers.

    As Buckeye fans, we owe these young guys more credit and more loyalty.

    I just wish we were all as great of Buckeye fans as David Molk.

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