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RIP Bill Jones, you will be missed (courtesy of

Good morning Buckeyes and friends of OHD. You probably noticed that I am not Charles. I am sorry if you are disappointed, but he is on a top-secret mission. We aren’t sure of the details but we can assure you he will be back next week. I’m also going to be covering the women’s game for him tomorrow night.

The past couple days were both days of goodbyes, one more meaningful than the other.

The first goodbye, said Monday night, was to the 2011 football season. Normally, this goodbye is a tough one. Not this time. If you’re a Buckeye I can’t imagine you not being more than happy to see the 2011 season dumped straight into the Gulf of Mexico. The grand finale between Alabama and LSU was a fitting ending, as it was full of SEC bleh and non of that SEC speed that ESPN loves so much. When it was over, I truly wished we could have just one more MACTION game. Just one. Or two. My theory on LSU’s failure to show is that Harvey Updyke wanted to commit the ultimate trollgaze before heading off to prison by swapping out LSU’s offensive game plan with one of Jim Bollman’s. While there is no scientific proof, I do believe this theory can be heralded and rise high on the Google search rank, right there with Jay Z and Beyonce baby name theories.

As we head into the rest of the week, realizing we have no HERP, DERP and the glorious opposites of the two to applaud, we must remember that life is greater than a day full of watching young men grunt, pass, tackle and kick things into goal posts. Our second goodbye of the week is to Ohio State Associate Athletic Director, Bill Jones. Jones, who was 48, passed away yesterday morning at the OSU Medical Center after suffering a heart attack. He was in his 14th year with the athletic department.

Gene Smith had the following to say about Jones (via

“We have lost a dear friend, a wonderful co-worker and a great ambassador for Ohio State,” said Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith. “His genuine enthusiasm, calm demeanor and lifelong love for the Buckeyes made him a valuable part of every project he touched. Our family is in shock today.”

A Columbus native, Jones earned his bachelor’s degree from Ohio State in 1986, followed by a master’s from Ohio University in 1991. He is survived by his parents Jim and Lynda Jones (Jim was OSU AD from 1987-94) and his sister Lynnae. He will be greatly missed within the Buckeye community.

Other news around the oval

  • Ohio State at Illinois: The Buckeyes came close but just couldn’t hold onto the lead as they fell to the Illini 79-74. Chris has your recap, so I won’t go into all the details, but this teams has plenty of room for improvement before post-season play. Despite the sloppy points, we must also take into account the strength of the B1G before we start freaking out about March. The tougher our opponents are in the regular season, the better off we’ll be in preparing for the Kentucky’s, UNC’s and Syracuses we might face come tournament time.
  • Mike Adams, DeVier Posey, Dan Herron and Michael Brewster are all set to play in the Senior Bowl January 28 in Mobile, Alabama. This is the eleventh straight year Ohio State has been represented in the Senior Bowl, which is supposed to be a final way for these athletes to showcase their talents to the NFL. Us at OHD would like to wish good luck to them and all Ohio State senior athletes.
  • The Ohio State women have a game tomorrow against the Lady Nerds. The BUckeyes are coming off their first loss of the season against TSUN (grr.). If you’re in Columbus, you should strongly consider attending this game. Tip off is at seven and you will be getting your recap information from me :)


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