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Good morning all and welcome again to the Thursday edition of the Morning Hive. I’d like to start this column by giving a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Nate.  I’d also like to offer him a suggestion. Nate, you need to be careful not to do too good of a job with your column, lest you make me look bad by comparison. After one entry, you’re skating on thin ice buddy.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way…I present to you your Thursday morning Hive: Blood on the Field Edition.

Homeboy said what???
There must be something in the water this week that’s making people talk all sort of crazy talk about Ohio State. It all started on Tuesday when Indiana Basketball Coach Tom Crean popped off at the mouth with some veiled shots at the Ohio State basketball team and our beloved Jeff Boals. Vico detailed exactly what Crean said in yesterday’s hive.

Well, yesterday someone else was at it. This time it wasn’t an opposing coach. It wasn’t even an opposing player (well not yet anyways). It was a high school student in northeast Ohio. More specifically, it was Kyle Kalis, a 6’5”, 300-pound Tackle on the Lakewood St. Edwards football team. For the benefit of the 5-7 of you who don’t already know, Kalis is a 5*(rivals) recruit and a former OSU commit. After the incident that shall not be mentioned Kalis reaffirmed his commitment to Luke Fickell. A few weeks later, he rescinded the commitment and ran off into the loving arms of Coach Brady Hoke.

This week, someone from a Michigan Blog “Tremendous” decided to give our friend a microphone. What followed was, I suppose, exactly what you might expect to hear from a 18-year-old athlete.  Check out some highlights below.

On people who threatened him via twitter after he decommitted:

“I got plenty of threats. I know it was bad, but I gave my address out to about 20 people and told them to come find me. Nobody came.”

OK, this one is a little meatheaded, but I’ll give him a pass. To those of you who sent him the threats….come on, who does that? You make all of us look bad. Stop it!

On the phone call he got from Urban Meyer:

“I was half listening, pretty much saying “uh-huh” the entire conversation. I was being respectful but in the back of my mind I just wanted it to end.”

Again, I can’t get too mad at him for this quote. I will cast a disapproving glare at Urban, though. Why are you calling this traitor? He needs to pay for his crimes with four years of assault at the hands of Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence.

On if Urban Meyer mentioned Brady Hoke during the call:

“Not really. He really only wanted to sell me on Ohio State.”

At least we know Urbs isn’t negatively recruiting.

Now for the money quotes:

“It’s fuel to the fire baby. November 24th is going to be ugly…. There will be blood on the field and it won’t be mine.”

“(my dream scenario is) A pancake on every play of the game, us putting up a ton of points on them and once again, a jersey drenched in red.”

As you might have expected, I have some thoughts on this. There will be blood on the field, but it won’t be his. I can only assume he meant one of two things by this. The first is that he won’t be in the starting lineup, so his blood will only be spilled on the sideline. The second is that he feels confident that John Simon will break Denard Robinson beyond repair at some point in the game and he will be forced to carry what’s left of him off of the field (hence the red-stained jersey).

All kidding aside, I like his attitude. It’s what every good rivalry needs. The Meyer/Hoke era is going to be great for The Game. Both coaches “get it” and they’re making sure that their players do too.

Be sure to check back with the Blog later today when they post part 2 of the interview.

Ohio State Wrestling Back on the Winning Track
The 8th-ranked Buckeye Wrestling team bounced back from two straight losses to ranked teams to defeat the Purdue Boilermakers 27-10. The win was the Buckeyes’ fifth in a row over the Boilermakers. 133-pounder Logan Stieber led the way pinning his opponent. The win helped Stieber earn Big 10 Wrestler of the Week honors.

Next up for the Buckeyes is a home match against #2 Iowa. For those unfamiliar with the world of college wrestling, think of the Hawkeyes as the Notre Dame of wrestling, only if Notre Dame never stopped winning national titles. The Buckeyes enter the match as underdogs, and they will need all of the support that they can get.  So if you’re in town, head over to St. Johns and cheer them on. Tickets are only $8 and you’ll get to see some very high-level action.

Every Day a New Recruit
It’s looking like all of those stories about Urban Meyer being a good recruiter just might be true. Through Wednesday of this week, Urban had received one commitment per day. So far he has received pledges from:

David Perkins (LB)

Joey O’Connor (OL)

Taylor Decker (OL)

Will Thursday bring a fourth commitment? We can’t say for sure, but 5-star (rivals) Defensive Back Cameron Burrows (class of 2013) from Trotwood-Madison is scheduled to announce his college decision at 4:30 this afternoon. Finalists for Burrows’ services include: Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford, Tennessee and Wisconsin. A commitment from Burrows is definitely not a sure thing, but it sure would be a nice help get the 2013 class up and running.


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  1. 1 Nate

    Out of the darkness (of the blackout) and into the light of a Thursday Morning Hive! Well done Dan! Thanks for the warm welcome. Im glad to be a part of OHD with people who are talented and love the Buckeyes!

    Great piece btw. Kalis has the sort of passion that we love to see at tOSU, and talking smack always gears me up for The Game. It will be nice to watch him get beat down for the next four years.

    I LOL’d at your deciphering of Kalis’ comments. Haha Great stuff.

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