Ohio State to Play Florida in Gator Bowl, Sponsored by OH GOD THE STORYLINES

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Yup, it’s happening.

Ohio State’s 6-6 season and string of consecutive winning seasons will be put on the line in the Gator Bowl, sponsored by Insufferable Media Coverage.  Long rumored to be the matchup the Gator Bowl executives desperately wanted, the splash page from the Gator Bowl website makes it official.

Perhaps the fact that this is such a lower level bowl game for both the SEC and the B1G TEN, pitting two 6-6 teams against each other, might deflect a lot of media attention from it, but here is everything you will hear about the bowl game.  It’s a rematch from that Debacle in the Desert.  Urban Meyer something something. Ohio State is technically undefeated against the SEC in bowl game play. Urban Meyer something something. More Urban Meyer, who was the head coach of Florida when it destroyed Ohio State and is now the head coach at Ohio State everyone! It’s Ohio State’s first return to the Gator Bowl since the 1978 game against Clemson that was the last for Woody Hayes.  Also, oh man, Urban Meyer, y’all! We should totally discuss that during the telecast that will feature Craig f*cking James.

The game will be played on January 2nd at 1pm.  Gainesville is not far at all from Jacksonville, so Buckeye fans interested in making the trek may want to move fast.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM, link provided by Eleven Warriors.


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  1. 1 Ken

    Oh, good grief.NOthing contrived about this, I’m sure. Yeah, there may be a couple Urban “mentions”, can we hope for an Urban “sighting”?

  2. 2 Sean F

    I see you espn.

  3. 3 Michael

    I’ma try to go to the game since it’s only 90 minutes up the road. If for no other reason, it will enable me to skip the Craig James commentary. #FireCraigJames

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