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'Tis the Season

The holiday weekend will mess with posting schedules a little bit.  Make sure you read Michael’s recap of yesterday night’s shooty hoops romp of the Virginia Military Institute.  I got you covered on what you’re watching today and for the rest of the week in the TV Guide.  Further, stay tuned for coverage of tomorrow’s game against Valparaiso and, lastly, the Game.  The Game.

By time this particular post goes live, you’ll be devouring turkey with your friends and family.  With that in mind, a Happy Thanksgiving from the team here at Our Honor Defend to you and yours.  This year has been rough personally and rough for Ohio State fans, but nothing diminishes the sense of  fraternity of being Buckeyes — in Ohio or scattered elsewhere from sea to shining seas.  Being a Buckeye is like no other, and we’re forever thankful.  Eat, drink, watch footbaw, and be merry.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone… …. Happy Thanksgiving, Emporium!


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  1. 1 Sean

    Happy Turkey day to the best damn blog in the land. How firm thy friendship…… and scUM still sucks.

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