2011 Season TV Guide — Week 10

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Last week was fun, wasn’t it?

Much like Ohio State could not dwell on the more deleterious outcomes earlier this season, so too must they not dwell on the exhilarating high of the dramatic win over Wisconsin.  To that end, Ohio State looks forward to playing the Indiana Hoosiers while the rest of the college football landscape builds toward an exciting conclusion at the end of the month.  The Buckeyes have a nooner on the Big Ten Network to be shared with Minnesota and Michigan State.  Their day will be long done before some of the crazier games start kicking off around the country.  Here are the games you will be watching through the week.


  • Northern Illinois @ Toledo (ESPN2, 7:00pm ET).  The “D” in Toledo was the only “D” this entire game.  Northern Illinois won a shootout, scoring the game-winning touchdown with 19 seconds left to prevail 63-60.  Meanwhile, Tim Beckman — like Luke Fickell — invests in a conservative, timeout-heavy portfolio that appreciates in value in the following weeks.  Seriously, he expected his defense to win the game for him?


  • Temple @ Ohio (ESPN, 7:00pm ET). This game is playing as I type this post.  Ohio is up 7-0.  Winner likely plays in the MAC Championship Game.  So, snarky comments, ummm. Ohio: you and your Rainbow Bobcat uniforms look ridiculous and I only know of you for your tuberculosis ward.  Temple: I plum forgot you still played football.  So, yeah.  Think about that.  Hurts, don’t it?


  • Akron @ Miami (OH) (ESPNU, 7:30pm ET).  It’s here if you want it.
  • Florida State @ Boston College (ESPN, 8:00pm ET).  Florida State plays on Thursdays now.  The team of the 1990s, plays on Thursdays now.  The Seminoles should handle the Jesuits, who have but one conference win (last week against Maryland).  Importantly for Florida State fans, even that does them no favors in the ACC whatchamacallit division.  Clemson now has a conference loss and Wake Forest now has two, both losing in Week 9 to Georgia Tech and North Carolina respectively.  Both, however, have the tie-breaker win.  Who picked Florida State as a trendy surprise team in the BCS again? *sheepishly raises hand*
  • Tulsa @ UCF (Regional, 8:00pm ET).  Winner gets a Big East invite.  Loser gets a Big East invite.


  • Central State Up North @ Kent State (ESPN2, 8:00pm ET).  There is no particular reason to watch this game, unless you want to support Darrell Hazell in his first year as Kent State coach.  It is worth noting, though, that this is the fourth of five days of college football in the state of Ohio.  Ohio State’s game on Saturday will be the finale.
  • USC @ Colorado (ESPN, 9:00pm ET). USC looks to rebound from last week’s heartbreaking 3 OT loss to Stanford by traveling to Boul-


But, I…






  • That State Up North @ Iowa (ESPN, 12:00pm ET).  How hopeless is the situation in Iowa City?  By losing last week to Minnesota, they have denied us B1G TEN freaks with discussing Minnesota as possibly the worst conference team in the B1G’s 116 year history.  I would not have pegged the Wolvereenies as the one-loss overachievers and Iowa as the team that cannot win on the road.  But that doesn’t matter.  You’re not watching that game anyways.
  • Minnesota @ Michigan State (Big Ten Network, 12:00pm ET).  BTN better not give me this game instead of Ohio State-Indiana.
  • Texas Tech @ Texas (FX, 12:00pm ET).  When was the last time, if ever, Texas Tech has defeated both Oklahoma and Texas, on the road no less?  Texas is a meek team, though Texas Tech’s post-OU 41-7 home loss to Iowa State does not bode confidence.  Then again, you’re not watching this game.
  • Syracuse @ Connecticut (ESPNU, 12:00pm ET).  You’re not watching this game either.
  • Indiana @ Ohio State (Big Ten Network, 12:00pm ET).  This is what you’re watching.  More on this later.
  • Vanderbilt @ Florida (“SEC Network”, 12:21pm ET).  You’re not watching this game, but let’s talk a little bit about it.  Who would have guessed that Florida would be flirting with bowl ineligibility at this point in the season.  It’s true; they are.  After the once-in-a-blue-moon loss to the Georgia Bulldogs last week in the World’s Largest Outdoor Punch and Pie Social, the Gators are losers of their last four straight and are 4-4 on the season.  They finish the conference slate with Vandy at home and South Carolina on the road.  Thereafter, they play Furman and host Florida State.  Ostensibly, they are projected (by me, at least) to finish 6-6 on the season and that assumes they beat the Commodores.  Vandy is a close-but-no-cigar squad in SEC play, playing tough games against Georgia and ArKansas, but losing both.  Bowl ineligibility for the Gators this season would prompt the world’s smallest violin to be played around the Buckeye State.
  • Stanford @ Oregon State (ABC, 3:30pm ET).  This week: 2-6 Oregon State.  Next week: 7-1 Oregon in Palo Alto.
  • Texas A&M @ Oklahoma (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30pm ET).  I guess there might have been a time in the preseason when we all thought this would be de facto Big XII Championship Game, but then A&M, you know, became A&M and Oklahoma, you know, had its typical game where we start loudly wondering how overrated Brett Venables is.  It’s how these things usually work out.
  • Nerdwestern @ Nebrasky (Big Ten Network, 3:30pm ET).  After giving Michigan State its yearly Sparty, (Oh God) No! game, the Cornhuskers are in the driver’s seat to win the whatever their division is called.  This game will pit the Cornhuskers against the team they last obliterated 66-17 in the 2000 Alamo Bowl.  The Nerds have only one win the four games played between them, a 19-7 win in 1931.
  • Purdue @ Wisconsin (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30pm ET).  Wisconsin returns home after the two-week road trip sent from hell.  I would not want to be Purdue right about now.
  • Ole Miss @ Kentucky (ESPNU, 3:30pm ET).  Who. The Hell. Keeps putting these two teams on television?
  • Army @ Air Force (CBS, 3:30pm ET).  I’ll probably end up watching this instead of anything else.
  • Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (ESPNU, 7:00pm ET). This is somehow only a marginally more interesting NFL game.
  • South Carolina @ ArKansas (ESPN, 7:15pm ET).  If I recall correctly, this is a protected inter-divisional game in the SEC.  Much like the B1G TEN with Nebrasky and Penn Shtate in 2010, the SEC decided to pit the western-most and eastern-most squads against each other every year to really jack up travel costs for respective fan bases.  Is it just me or does it seem like South Carolina plays a night game every Saturday that I end up not watching?
  • Arizona State @ UCLA (Versus, 7:30pm ET).  All 54 of UCLA’s fans that show up probably brought a portable TV so they can watch CBS during this game.
  • Louisiana State @ Alabama (CBS, 8:00pm ET).  You probably have heard about this game by now.  It’s the latest installment of the greatest, besterest Game of the Century Brought to You by the Southeastern Conference™.  And, like the other installments, I’m going to laugh. out. loud when it does not outdraw the 2006 Ohio State-TSUN game from 2006.
  • Kansas State @ Oklahoma State (ABC/ESPN2, 8:00pm ET).  So, did the Sooners bring Bill Snyder’s Wildcats back to the Planet Earth?  If not, Mike Gundy probably will.  On an unrelated note, call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t the favorite to play [INSERT SEC TEAM HERE] in the BCS Championship Game at least give some type of lip service to defense?  Oklahoma State is 110th nationally in total defense, allowing 455 yards a game and almost 4 touchdowns.  [INSERT SEC TEAM HERE] would drill them, hard, in New Orleans.
  • Notre Dame @ Wake Forest (ABC/ESPN2, 8:00pm ET).  Is this for real?


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    Hey, take it easy on my Bobcats (my alma mater and secondary/fair weather team), they’ve been really descent lately (by MAC standards). And on a completely different note, I think last week’s game merits that rare contemporary Drive-Thru treatment, don’t you agree fellow Our Honor Defend readers?

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