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O-H-I-O at the Pyramid of the Sun. Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, my fellow Buckeyes. Before we get to the trivial stuff that we usually deem important, a quick word about the important stuff that we usually deem trivial: everyday life. While we usually don’t give too much thought to our everyday existence, our own Vico has had his world turned pretty much upside down by the recent tornado that destroyed a large swath of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Vico is ok and his power is back on, but his days are consumed with volunteering and helping other people get their lives back in order. He’s doing good work, helping people, and paying it forward, like a good person should. Charles and I (and Margie, when her grad school work allows) will do our best to hold down the fort until Vico’s triumphant return, even though we could never take his place. If you want to know how close we came to being without our fearless leader, this illustration shows you. If you want to help, donate here. Since most relief donations come in the immediate week following the disaster, please consider coming back with another donation in the future, as their community will be impacted for several months at the very least. But Vico and his fellow Tuscaloosans will overcome this adversity, much like the Mexican Army triumphed over the French at the Battle of Puebla on this date in 1862.

Driving, Driving On Down the Field (FOOTBAW!):

OK, on to the stuff you’re really here for:

  • Our congratulations go out to six Buckeyes who were named to the 2011 National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Hampshire Honor Society. There were 26 honorees from the B1G, including Ohio State’s Bryant Browning, Garrett Hummel, Chris Malone, Jake McQuaide, Andrew Miller and Scott Sika. (Many more notes after the jump)

There is no truth to the rumor that the "Mr. Glass" character played by Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable was based on Lawrence Wilson.

  • Jim over at The Buckeye Battle Cry does a fine job with his recruiting stories. Here he breaks down the long shots on the Buckeyes’ wish list that Ohio State would be very fortunate to land.
  • BHGP recently was the recipient of what might be the greatest football fan post of all time. UpUpDownDown busts out the math with fancy charts and everything to explain that the B1G (especially Ohio State and Iowa) does the best job in maximizing talent and preparing players for the NFL.
  • Joe Bolden, a linebacker out of Cincinnati Colerain, wasn’t content to simply choose a horrible place to play college football (hint: rhymes with ‘fish again’). Bolden proceeded to whine about not being recruited early or late by Ohio State (he must not have looked at the OSU depth chart at linebacker) and then succumbed to Brady Hoke’s pitiful “Ohio” meme. We’re not really sure why Hoke is so fired up about beating the Bobcats, but it would probably be a step in the right direction for his program. The 6-3, 230-pound Bolden is also holding onto some serious Notre Dame hate, but even RichRod beat the Irish, so if TTUN duplicates that feat it will hardly impress.

OSU/B1G Hoops News:

  • Bob Baptist was kind enough to let us know that the Buckeye hoopsters will play Lamar University on Dec. 20. Ohio State is expected to honor Bob Knight at that game, which makes sense since his son Pat is Lamar’s head coach.
  • Not brand new news but, in case you missed it, Ohio State will open its 2011-12 season at home on Nov. 11 vs. Wright State. The Buckeyes will travel to Lawrence, Kansas to face the Jayhawks in a huge non-conference game, and other non-B1G opponents include home tilts against Florida, Jackson State and North Florida.
  • Darius Morris will not return to Michigan and will remain in the NBA Draft The folks over at UM Hoops break down life for the Wolvereenies sans Morris here.


  • The Boise State Broncos are officially a big time program now. Boise State hit itself hard with self-imposed sanctions in the wake of NCAA violations, including improper benefits (i.e. food and a place to sleep). The Broncos cut three scholarships for next season and trimmed some preseason practices, as well as issuing additional compliance training to the coaching staff. The penalty seems harsh and some of the violations were pretty ludicrous (i.e. a roster player allowing a recruit to sleep at his place…on the couch). In all, five Boise State sports programs were cited in the list of violations, which included the always-ominous “lack of institutional control.” The most egregious offender was the women’s tennis program.
  • Slow states breaks down the best Ohio songs. They fail a little by omitting REM’s “Cuyahoga” and “My City was Gone” by The Pretenders. I know, I know. The purpose was to find songs with Ohio in the lyrics (my first example doesn’t qualify, though the second does). I appreciate that they wanted to keep it somewhat contemporary, but Old school is often (but not always) best. They do explain the omission of “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and we accept the explanation (hint: yesterday was the 41st anniversary of that awful day). Margie will probably hate that they left out “Road Outside Columbus” by O.A.R. Lest you think I’m unhip (hint: I am), I do own two of the songs on the Slow States list.
  • As only he can, our friend Ramzy has hit the nail on the head regarding the ongoing feud between Kirk Herbstreit and Ohio State fans. Ramzy correctly points out that it isn’t a matter of thin-skinned Buckeyes being perturbed by critical analysis, but rather the double standard with which he of the frosted tips gives a break to his favorites (Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush, Cam Newton) while never missing a chance to bash Jim Tressel’s offense or Terrelle Pryor.
  • We told you a few days ago about the recent trolling billboard by an anonymous fan of TTUN. Well, it seems even WoLOLverines fans think it was lame. Here’s the pertinent takeaway quote:

We have lost our superiority when it comes to not erecting embarrassing billboards. One: Paul Reiser probably came up with the text. Two: it’s on I-94, which goes from Canada to Indiana without even brushing up against Ohio. Three: it’s derp enough to put up a billboard after you win something. It’s extra super derp to do so after not winning since 2003. Five derps out of five.

  • Finally, former Fighting Illini and current Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall was taken to task this week for controversial statements made following the announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Some of those statements were defendable (and defended), while some smacked of conspiracy theory (and have since been deleted). One of his tweets indicated doubt that a jet packed with fuel could demolish a skyscraper. Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or not, The History Channel did an excellent job of explaining things in its documentary – here’s a link to Part 3, which explains the collapse of the towers. It’s science, y’all.
  • If you’re still not following Ohio State receiver James Louis on Twitter, you’re missing some outstanding stuff. Even his more mundane tweets seem frenetic thanks to the use of six exclamation points.


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