Blake Thomas Commits to Ohio State

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Blake Thomas

Fans of Ohio State who could use all the good news they can get regarding the football program got some this early afternoon when Blake Thomas, a tight end prospect from Cleveland’s St. Ignatius program, committed to Ohio State.

Thomas is a natural fit for Ohio State, both in terms of what Ohio State likes to have out of the position and what Blake Thomas was looking for in a college.  Still early into the process, Thomas was keen on the idea of committing early and was strongly considering Boston College, especially if Ohio State was not going to follow through with an offer.  Shortly after making that comment, Ohio State extended an offer.  Thomas committed a few days later.

A high school friend of current Buckeye Scott McVey and rival of current 2012 commit Kyle Kalis, Thomas provides some versatility for Ohio State at the position.  It is also conceivable that he serves as a fullback or lead blocker for the Buckeyes.  In the interim, and with my suspicion that Ohio State recruiting would be in a holding pattern so long as the charges against Jim Tressel (and perhaps against the program, contingent on what follows from the car investigation) were without resolution, this is always good news.

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4 Responses to “Blake Thomas Commits to Ohio State”

  1. 1 Ken

    Good news, indeed.

  2. 2 Fear the Elf

    As great as the Glenville talent pool is, Iggys has been the best HS program the last 25 years as far as on field success. OSU lost some good ones in the Masseys and Ragone. Nice to see OSU getting some more Iggys guys. And with Eds on the uptick, too, OSU can finally start reaping soem reards.

  3. 3 Michael

    Tight End U. strikes again! By 2015 we’ll be fielding nothing but tight ends in an innovative new offense that will sweep the nation.

  4. 4 Ken

    Michael, a dream come true. Now, if we can just figure out what to do with the TE’s….

    FtE, I’m not tuned into Ohio high school football, other than in Tuscarawas County, but I’m glad OSU is opening other pipelines besides Glenviille. Frankly, I’ve been less and less impressed with their recruits.

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