2010 Season TV Guide — Week 10

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Sit, enjoy some college football with the family.
The Buckeyes get their precious bye, so you don’t have to fret about a potential tight game versus a conference foe or worry the Buckeyes may be caught napping against lower profile team in the Big Ten. Instead, you get to sit back, relax and watch some college football. Nice, and relaxing.

Of course, you can always make it less relaxing by adopting some rooting interests for this weekend in hopes, however vain, of Ohio State sneaking back into the national title picture. To that end, here is what will be on TV.


  • Middle Tennessee State @ ArKansas State (ESPN, 7:00pm ET). Tuesday night football does not get full coverage from me.  Uncharacteristically, I opted to watch CNN’s election night results rather than this game.  It’s just something about a matchup of Blue Raiders and Red Wolves — who are only naturally occurring on sweatshirts — that didn’t do it for me. (Recap)


  • Rutgers @ South Florida (ESPN2, 7:00pm ET). Wednesday night Big East football, yo.  This is ongoing as I type.  Already, Rutgers and USF have capitalized on terrible punt coverage, with Rutgers contributing some woeful kicking as well (kick out of bounds, low kick returned for 40+ yards).  Rutgers made sure to get this game on a Wednesday, to give them the added time to prepare for the mighty Big East contenders, the Syracuse Orangemen, in Week 11 on Saturday.


  • Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech (ESPN, 7:30pm ET). This will likely decide the whatchamacallit division in the ACC, should the Hokies win.  Virginia Tech, after losing to start the season against Boise State and following that up with a loss at home to James Madison, has done its part to embarrass the conference by winning out.  The Hokies are undefeated in conference play. Georgia Tech, who you may remember as losing (for some weird reason) to the Kansas Gillhawks1, would need to beat Va Tech, win out, and hope for another Va Tech loss in the ACC in order to play in the title game.  Your rooting interest: probably Georgia Tech, if you want Boise State’s strength of schedule to look more ridiculous than it already is.
  • Buffalo @ Ohio (ESPNU, 7:30pm ET). It’s here if you want it.


  • Western Team Up North @ Central Team Up North (ESPNU, 6:00pm ET). Directional Michigan football to begin Happy Hour?  Hell yeah, son.  Beer me!  Coincidentally, if you like defensive football in the state of Michigan, make sure to tune into this.  Central Michigan and Western Michigan have the 2nd and 3rd ranked defenses respectively… in the state of Michigan.  The 4th ranked defense in the state of Michigan? Michigan.
  • UCF @ Houston (ESPN2, 8:00pm ET). Houston lost its starting quarterback, and his backup, to season-ending injuries against UCLA.   Remarkably, they’re 3-2 after that loss, losing only a conference game at Rice and at home to Mississippi State.  They beat down Tulane, Southern Methodist, and Memphis.  Not the best competition, sure, but that’s still pretty impressive to do that in conference play.  The reserve QBs, true freshmen David Piland and Terrance Broadway have combined for some impressive numbers, with Piland emerging as the primary QB. Piland: 92/157, 1108yds, 11 TDs, 3 INTs. Broadway: 30/42, 424yds, 3 TDs, 1 INT.


  • Wisconsin @ Purdue (BTN, 12:00pm ET). If Wisconsin would like to lose soon, that’d be totally cool with me.
  • Minnesota @ Michigan State (BTN, 12:00pm ET). Sparty has to rebound from getting beat down by Iowa.  The lifeless Gopher program should do the trick, unless there’s another “Sparty, No!” moment still left in it this year.
  • Iowa @ Indiana (BTN, 12:00pm ET). The Big Ten logjam trifecta.  All three teams joining Ohio State on top of the standings have noon kickoffs against what should be easy competition.  Iowa probably has the worst of it, which is not saying much.
  • Illinois @ Michigan (ESPN, 12:00pm ET). Michigan had a bye week to prepare to run over Penn State’s hapless 2010 team.  They lost 41-31 and were trailing 28-10 at half as the Nitts put forward their best offensive performance all season.  So, surprise, Michigan!  You get the Illini next, who absolutely embarrassed the Nitts in their place for Homecoming.  Michigan will have to hope the Illini offense, led by a redshirt freshman, will shoot itself in the foot.  The Illini are prone to turnovers.
  • Air Force @ Army (Regional, 12:00pm ET). Air Force beat Navy earlier in the season.  If it prevails on the road against Army, it will take the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy back from Navy.  Navy has held it every year since 2003.
  • Washington @ Oregon (ABC, 3:30pm ET). If playing at Oregon wasn’t bad enough for Washington, they will be doing so without Jake Locker.  This… this should get ugly.
  • TCU @ Utah (Regional [probably CBS College Sports], 3:30pm ET). Another really interesting Mountain West game that no one will watch.  No channel is given, though I’m guessing it’s CBS College Sports (which usually carries these Mountain West games).  TCU is 3rd in the BCS; Utah is 5th.  Obvious national title implications, and you probably don’t get to watch.
  • Hawaii @ Boise State (ESPNU, 3:30pm ET). Keep on truckin’, Boise.
  • Alabama @ LSU (CBS, 3:30pm ET). The Rammer Jammers and LSU are both coming off Week 9 byes for this game. Loser of this game is in real trouble of not making it to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game and is basically eliminated from the national title game.  It’s a difficult game for Buckeye fans to take a rooting interest.  Alabama is the highest ranked 1-loss team in the country, having the advantage of losing early.  LSU is one spot above us.
  • Nebraska @ Iowa State (ABC, 3:30pm ET). The Cornhuskers will get to try to avenge last season’s inexplicable loss at home to the Cyclones before leaving the conference for the Big Ten.  Nebraska is #7 in the BCS, so you may want them to lose another game.
  • North Carolina @ Florida State (ABC, 3:30pm ET). Boy, that’d suck if you got this dud on ABC or the reverse mirror on ESPN.
  • Nerdwestern @ Penn State (ABC/ESPN2, 3:30pm ET). Penn State fans are probably feeling pretty good about themselves after beating Michigan at home last Saturday night.  That’s why it would not surprise me in the least if they got beat by the Nerds, and badly.  It remains to be seen if that’s what happens.  The Tri-Lambs has struggled with undisciplined play all season.  This could be win #400 for Joe Paterno before he gets ready for the Buckeyes next week.
  • ArKansas @ South Carolina (ESPN, 7:00pm ET). This is one of the SEC’s protected interdivisional games, and I can sense your excitement.  Notice that South Carolina is actually playing a meaningful opponent this week.  Contrast that with the other SEC East teams: Florida @ Vanderbilt, Idaho State @ Georgia, Charleston Southern @ Kentucky, Tennessee @ Memphis.  This is part of that “SEC grind”, where SEC teams start pounding some patsies.  Auburn is hosting UT-Chattanooga this week.   Ole Miss plays UL-Lafayette this week (on ESPNU, 7:00pm ET).   LSU plays UL-Monroe next week. Alabama and Florida will play Georgia State and Appalachian State (respectively) two weeks from now.
  • Missouri @ Texas Tech (ABC, 8:00pm ET). Check your local listings, as there are no ESPN/2 reverse mirrors for the primetime games. Your night game selections aren’t very compelling.  Texas Tech has been painful to watch this season.  Tuberville doesn’t excite like the foulmouthed, pirate-loving sadist he replaced in Lubbock.  Further, Missouri was forcibly evicted out of the national title race by the Cornhuskers, who took the victory and a precious tiebreaker with them.   Odds are you’re getting this one, though.
  • Arizona @ Stanford (ABC, 8:00pm ET). This is the other game you may be getting.  This one is a little more interesting for me, because it features Stanford’s band and Jim Harbaugh’s tough guy bravado.  Arizona is in an interesting position.   They may be the last team that can do something about Oregon’s hopeful national title run.  Further, they have a rough stretch coming up.  They play at Stanford, home to USC, at Oregon and home to rival Arizona State to conclude the season.  ‘Zona has one loss on the season, at home to Oregon State.  They also turned some heads by beating Iowa in a frenzied game in front of a frenzied crowd.
  • Texas @ Kansas State (ESPN2, 8:00pm ET). Watch this game and think of your boy Ron Prince.  He gave us this bit of magic that will live forever in the Texas-Kansas State series:

  1. One of Kansas two wins on the season. []


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  1. 1 Chuck

    I couldn’t care less about the ACC, but I wouldn’t mock their division names since the B10 hasn’t announced what they’re going to use, but has announced that they don’t want to use North/South or East/West. Likely they will end up just as stupid as Coastal and Atlantic.

  2. 2 Ken

    Flipping back & forth between both Thursday night games; both of them are pretty painful to watch. Hence, I’m on the internet…

    The Illinois-UM and NU-PSU games might be interesting in spots. I’d really like to see Bama kick LSU’s arse up & down the field.. and win as well.

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