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Donnie came to get down. So he'll get out his seat and jump around.
Ohio State’s first marquee Big Ten game has finally arrived.  Though the Buckeyes passed their first tough test at home against the ACC’s Miami Hurricanes, Ohio State now has to prove itself in conference against the Wisconsin Badgers.  Further, we will play in Camp Randall, nonetheless.  Camp Randall always makes me nervous.  It, more than Beaver Stadium’s “White Out”, strikes me as Big Ten’s “Hell on Earth” for visiting teams.  As for the Badgers?  They are disproportionately better in Camp Randall than they are away from it.  A victory like the one Ohio State sweat out  in 2008 is rare.  A victory on par with Penn State’s in Camp Randall the very next week, something Ohio State fans would want and is probably expected from a #1 team, is unheard of.

My preview went online yesterday.  Wisconsin’s offense is simple (but definitely not simplistic).  Stopping John Clay and the outside/inside zone, something we did last year against Wisconsin, is priority #1.  Containing David Gilreath End Around Mania will be the next step as Wisconsin will use him when outside/inside zone is not picking up yards.  When humming, Wisconsin can be deadly in the passing game.  They have the talent at receiver, but especially at tight end, to keep moving the ball.  Wisconsin has led the NCAA in time of possession 3 of the last 4 seasons.  They’re leading the NCAA now.

We’re slated for a primetime kickoff, so relax your nerves by watching some other games until the Buckeyes take the field.  I’ll see you at the live blog.


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