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The Donnie invented swagger.
The results aren’t always agreeable, but Ohio State always puts forward a great non-conference schedule and arguably the best in college football.  The USC series has left Ohio State fans with a sour taste in their mouth, coinciding with the tough loss at home to Texas in 2005 in these games.  Now, Ohio State can right the ship and get themselves back on the national title track with a win over the #12 Miami Hurricanes.

My preview was made available yesterday.  Along the Olentangy has also provided more technical details about what Miami will like to do on offense and defense.  Beyond the discussion and near-decade of hype for this rematch of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, there is little else to do now but play the game.

I plan to be available through the live blog embedded below.  You can also catch me on Twitter, where I like to “tweet” (as the kids say) my unbridled rage.  See you there.

Go Bucks.


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