Ohio State Gets Fifth Commitment In Two Days

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Chase Farris
Chase Farris
At this point I feel guilty for flooding the Big Ten Bloggers feed with individual posts for the tidal wave of commitments the Buckeyes have received over the past two days.  It started with Chris Carter, continued to Antonio Underwood and DerJuan Gambrell, then Brian Bobek and, now, Chase FarrisChase Farris (brief video), an athlete from Elyria (!!) HS, is the fifth commitment in two days.

Chase was explicitly a Buckeye lean, and in that category where a commitment would shortly be coming.  However, with the recent “rash” of commitments, one wonders if it truly is contagious.  Again, Ohio State — as with the other recent commitments — got into the Farris sweepstakes when his existing offer set included only Indiana, Duke, and Buffalo.  A standout performer in camp last summer, Farris’ offer sheet now includes almost all the Midwest powers (sans Penn State, but including Notre Dame).  The offer was a fortuitous one.  Chase was a lifelong Buckeye fan, had no real interest in a protracted commitment and flirted with a quick commitment.  The decision was announce in an e-mail from his high school coach.  I list Chase as an athlete for now, as he could play any of four positions in college (defensive end, defensive tackle, tight end or offensive tackle).  Of those four position, it appears defensive end or tight end is most likely.  Chase has a preference for the former.

Getting five verbal commitments in two days, especially in the positions that they come, is great for a variety of reasons.  First, this string of commitments comes before the Spring Game, which is always a huge event in Ohio State recruiting.  As such, more are definitely coming and names like Ron Tanner (Eastmoor HS) and Jeremy Cash (Plantation, FL) are worth noting.  That Ohio State can be on such a recruiting roll and still have this mega event coming soon is really good.

Also, getting the recruits in the positions at which they project is helpful for Ohio State in filling out the 2011 class.  Take the offensive line, for example.  Ohio State already has three quality offensive line commitments in the 2011 class (Bobek, Carter, Underwood), and are seemingly in good position with Glenville’s Aundrey Walker.  As such, knowing that the Buckeyes would probably like to take an additional lineman on top of that, the Buckeyes are now at total liberty to select a top of the line prospect to recruit.  The odds of getting one of these are always lower than staying in-state or staying close to home, but with a bird (or 3) in the hand, they can go for two in the bush with impunity.  I would really like to add an additional tackle into the fold (assuming Walker comes our way).  Even then, if the coaching staff decides to go another route, they will have considerable autonomy in putting on the press on a high quality prospect they would really like to have.

All told, this is all very good news.  So, do enjoy it.


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5 Responses to “Ohio State Gets Fifth Commitment In Two Days”

  1. 1 Ken

    Reading these commitment stories never gets old. Good point about getting this level quality (and number) of commits before the Spring Game. You may need to save your headline template ‘Ohio State gets Nth commitment in _days’; might come in handy over next month or so.

  2. 2 Fear the Elf

    Vico, does make you from Elyria?

  3. 3 Vico

    No, I’m from Los Angeles. A very good friend of mine is from Elyria, and, after Vic Janowicz, he might be the coolest thing to come from that HS. Buckeyes are also interested in Tommy Brown, of Firestone HS. I need a Buckeye recruit from Marietta HS and Reynoldsburg HS to complete the college friend… umm… “quadrifecta”?

  4. 4 Gravey

    Hey Vico…did you go meet Archie the other night? I didn’t realize you were from LA. Me too. I don’t post much here, but I do go the Buckeye Bashes and many alumni events. It would be weird to have met you a number of times and not realize that I “know” you from these boards.

  5. 5 Vico

    Well, I’m “from” Los Angeles but I’ve lived in Alabama for over four years. Still waiting for Archie to come down yonder. Not sure why he would, but I’d love to meet him (again).

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