Christian Bryant Secures The Glenville Pipeline For 2010

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Christian Bryant fits his OSU cap, from Bucknuts
Christian Bryant fits his OSU cap, from Bucknuts
A little belated, but work obligations will do that for you.

Christian Bryant, a defensive back prospect from the Glenville Tarblooder program, announced his college choice at his school on January 26.  With the apparent exception of Jonathan Newsome, Tarblooders that come through Ted Ginn Sr’s program typically wait until the end before making a decision.  While this may be seen as a bit of counseled attention-hogging in Glenville, there is good reason that doing so maximizes exposure for everyone involved (including the rising juniors in next year’s class).  Given the talent pool in Glenville, Ohio State is willing to wait.

They waited on Bryant and Latwan Anderson, though the latter was only the third Tarblooder to turn down a scholarship offer from Ohio State1.  He declared for WVU at the US Army All-American Bowl and now may be on the verge of making a commitment to the USC Trojans2.  That left just Christian Bryant from the Tarblooder program.  Fortunately, Bryant announced he will commit to Ohio State over North Carolina.  In doing so, Bryant secures the Glenville pipeline that has run through Ohio State since Jim Tressel’s first full recruiting year (2002) to the present.

It’s interesting to read that Taver Johnson told him they have cornerback in mind for him.  This might be an initial thing, since Bryant might be in that gray area where a corner becomes a safety because he’s a tad slower than what is optimal.  However, at 5’10, 170lbs, he may not have the ideal height.  Regardless, Bryant — everything from a quarterback to a safety for the Tarblooders — is an all-around athlete with demonstrated skills that translate well to whatever is his ultimate secondary position.  Bryant joins Hagan, Roby, Reed and Hagan as secondary recruits.

Senior film is below, if’n you’re interested.  To note: the team in red jerseys and black pants is Huber Heights Wayne.  Bryant pick-sixed a throw (an errant one) from 2011 blue-chipper Braxton Miller.

  1. I think previously I said he was only the second, following Cordale Scott in the 2008 class.  However, I think Pierre Woods may qualify here.  I think Ohio State offered him in Tressel’s first recruiting class (2001); he ended up at Michigan. []
  2. In another curious twist, apparently the door might be slightly ajar at Ohio State.  I emphasize “might”, because I think Ohio State has moved on. []


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  1. 1 El Caballo de Sangre

    OT: Regarding your link to “unflattering” pics of Tressell – I don’t agree or disagree so much w/ your idea that he takes a bunch of them, but oof, that Ellen…looks like she ought to be on

    Just sayin’.

  2. 2 Ryan C

    I’m not too worried about our recruiting class. We didn’t have as many scholarships to give, but I think we got a lot of good talent. All of those rankings are a little hyped up. We’ve had a number of players over the years that weren’t 5 star recruits but turned out to be all-americans and great players. It matters more what we do with them and how they learn. Of course we got a few good OL recruits the last few years who haven’t exactly played great, but with a terrible O-line coach who is also our semi-offensive coordinator, that will continue to be the case while he is here. Most of our other positions, particularly on defense, are developed well.

  3. 3 Kevin

    Have the Buckeyes offered, Glenville quarterback (class of 2011), Cardale Jones a scholarship yet? The guy could be another Terrelle Pryor. He is 6’5 220lbs. and is very athletic. I haven’t seen a 40 time on him yet but regardless of his 40 time he can play QB.

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