Assorted Thoughts from the Weekend and a Desperate Plea for Money

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Who wouldn't want this guy on their team?
Who wouldn't want this guy on their team?
I spent my Thanksgiving weekend mostly working in an empty building (which is so nice, because I get more work done), but was able to get most of the work done in front of the break room TV.  Therefore, I was able to consume most of the football festivities over the weekend.  It’s good when Ohio State isn’t playing, so I don’t have too much to fret in front of the tube.  Instead, I just get to watch and be a fan.

First up, judging from listening to the regulars at the bar I frequent, I think people may be making too much of Texas’ squeaker against a hit-and-miss Aggies football team.  The Longhorns are no. 2 in the country (or, at least, the best non-SEC team in the country, per the metrics) and the Aggies are one of the few and proud to lose to Colorado this season.  In fact, they’ve gotten pasted by the haphazard defenses of Oklahoma, Kansas State and Arkansas, but hung 39 on the Longhorns.  Embarassing, yes.  Yet in watching that game, it just seemed more that A&M had the perfect gameplan coming in and killed the Longhorns with expertly executed QB draws for which the Longhorn D wasn’t prepared.  I don’t think they were “exposed” as such, but I guess forking over 39 points doesn’t mean that there’s not some new reasons for worrying.  Further, the defense owes the offense some steaks.  For Ohio State this season, it’s mostly been the other way around.

Has Ron Zook’s Illini team invented a new style of defense? I’ve never seen the Cover Negative 1 executed to perfection.  Man was that awful to watch.  Further, if this quote from Illinois DC Dan Disch isn’t a misprint, then he should probably hand in his badge and gun.

The Nike Pro Combat jerseys for this weekend were mostly just putrid (see: Florida, Miami, Va Tech).  By comparison, ours looked pretty good.

Do you hate the pro-SEC banter from its mouthbreathing Skoal-sucking fanbase as much as I do?  Well, sit back and enjoy them boasting over how two of their 6-5 teams knocked off the ACC divisional champions Georgia Tech and Clemson this weekend.  Watching Georgia’s meek offensive line blow up Georgia Tech’s defense on the ground was stunning.

On that conference note, the Iron Bowl did corroborate what I’ve felt about Mark Ingram for awhile: People overstate his contributions to that team.  That’s not to say Ingram isn’t good; he is.  Still, all that separates him from the freshman Trent Richardson is an additional year in the program, evidenced in better patience and more physical maturity.  The offensive line is the star of that show; Ingram isn’t.  For 3 quarters, the offensive line wasn’t helping and Ingram had no rabbit to pull out of his hat.  Alabama won that game in a fashion that suggests they may very well win the national title (that drive was impressive), but Ingram hurt his Heisman chances by looking like he was running scared in the second half.  The switch to Richardson for, in essence, the rest of the game was a wise move by Saban, one done before Ingram came off looking like he hurt his hand.

Helping his chances? Toby Gerhart.  For the record, I’ve been on his bandwagon since the beginning of last year when my former colleague and I went to the bar and caught their 2008 season opener against Oregon State, watching him attack his running lanes to the tune of 19 carries for 147 yards.  He even lovingly called him the “White Beanie”.  Well, White Beanie mauled Notre Dame up front, even when Notre Dame’s strong safety and linebacker corp were nominally making the right decisions.  He trucked safeties, linebackers, carried the line with him.  Hell, he even threw a TD pass (that was well caught too).  Even knowing Nick Saban’s offensive philosophy, I think he’d swap Ingram for Gerhart in a heartbeat (knowing full well that a coach will always have his player’s back).  Unless Tebow or Ingram do something spectacular in what should be a low-scoring SEC championship game, I feel the Heisman race is a two-horse race between McCoy and Gerhart.  Or, at least, that’s what my vote would look like.  I have Gerhart and McCoy tied for first, then Ingram, Kellen Moore, and Tim Tebow rounding out the visitors to New York.

How about lending your old pal OHD a few bucks, Mr. Millionaire.
How about lending your old pal OHD a few bucks, Mr. Millionaire.
With that out of the way, I want to take this opportunity to make a desperate plea for money.  No, I’m able to pay my bills (barely), but I have to pay the piper with my hosting company.  Fee is about $80 (for this website and another I have tacked on it), and you know, I don’t want to pay it.  At least, I don’t want to pay it with my own money.  I’m hoping to drum up enough money through the donation form (seen to the top right of the page, below the navigation menu).  I’ve had it there for over a year now.  Back when this blog was a two-man show, it was titled the Give Us Money Campaign ®.  It remains that in spirit, though the “Us” is now more of a metaphorical “Us”.  While you’re actually giving me, and only me, money, it benefits you all (thus: “Us”) by making you happy.  Seriously, try it.  Give me some money and just observe how happy me having more money will make you feel.

Giving me money accomplishes the following:

  • It makes you happy.
  • It allows me to afford hosting this blog for another year, so I can continue spamming your RSS feeds with long, rambling posts fostered from delusions of self-importance.
  • It makes you happy.
  • It allows me to hunt for more and more Buckeye games to put on the YouTubes.  You guys like those, right?  Want some more? Well, give me some money.
  • It affords me the opportunity to spend my monies on other things, like Pabst Blue Ribbon, books for leisurely reading, more PBR in order to read books and maybe even some food too.

Lastly, and most importantly, it makes you happy.  So give me some money already, as even the world’s loudest band acknowledged.  Form is at the top of your page, to the right.

To incentivize you even further (as if the other reasons were not sufficient), here’s the most random game I have in my collection: the 1980 season opener against Syracuse.  It’s one of my prized possessions in my collection precisely because it’s so obscure.

Maybe if you give me some more money, I can dig up some more of these moldy oldies from Buckeye lore.


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Vico is the nom de guerre of the founder and current website chair of Our Honor Defend. He is currently living in exile in Alabama.


5 Responses to “Assorted Thoughts from the Weekend and a Desperate Plea for Money”

  1. 1 Ron

    Toby Gerhart’s performance was the best individual performance I’ve seen this season. He’s a truly outstanding player and student-athlete (21 credit-hours this period?). He’s won me over, from Colt McCoy, for Heisman. Though, I’d be happy with either winning it.

  2. 2 matt in cleveland

    vico once again thanks for the site and the games. been awhile so sorry if i ramble a bit. Vico looked it up Ohio state has played both the ducks and beavers in the 60′s and 80′s have no clue how you would get those games great job with the 1958 rose bowl who you killed to get that i have no clue but its the south and you can thin the herd down there.

    I have to agree with you on the Gerhart McCoy placement also about the southern peoples. They are gonna try to give this to teabag still, it will be interesting to see how many southern votes leave Gerhart and McCoy off their ballots all together. the good thing is that teabag will finally be gone enjoy your career as a H-back getting chirped up by fools in the league for 3 years. I could go on about that self-rightous bible pounde, but he will be gone soon, farewell good bye douchebag!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the Gerhart thing as a Buckeye fan cant help but the about Beanie if he came back this year what could have been!!! but then again 8 and 9 man fronts Pryor probably gets the Brett Farve treatment either way good for us.

    One other thing i noticed about the game against the scum not the game itself but the jerseys. I personally liked them as a one time thing just wish the red nike had was acutally scarlett. Anyways just an idea for next year i would like to see for the spring game two different uniforms and helmets (just for the spring game!!!!!!!!!) for the teams let nike go wild see what happens let the seniors and upper classmen pick them out and go with it. The spring game is nothing really just football hipe machine so nobody forgets about it…lol… I had a friend who went last year $5 cover to get in had a lacross game prior he said overall liked it football kinda drug along towards the end. Now for the rest of the idea, same thing put lacross on first $5 to get in then after the game have the university auction off the unis for charity (maybe the stephine spielman fund) and to benifit some of the lower university sports.

  3. 3 Dan Isaacs

    I’ll dig up some dollars for ya. I figure I owe you at least as much as i spend on ESPN The Mag. :)

    Until then, let this sustain you:

  4. 4 Ken

    Vico, check your Christmas Stocking, there might be something in there today….

  5. 5 idahobuckeye

    I dunno I liked Miami’s uniforms. Virginia Tech’s and Florida’s sucked though.

    For the Heisman race, I could just quote Joe Tessitore (he was broadcasting the Boise State games on ESPN). I liked his Heisman list and I agree with him in that this has not been a quarterback year.

    And thank GOD that T-Bag is finally done. Enough Bible thumping and enough eye black with bible verses!

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