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Donnie Evege.  May death come swiftly to his enemies.
Donnie Evege. May death come swiftly to his enemies.
The Buckeyes and the Badgers meet this afternoon to settle who’s tops in the Big Ten more than a quarter into the season.  My preview was posted yesterday for those interested in what to look for and what to expect this game.  11w’s is also worth reading.  Here are some parting thoughts and questions before kickoff before I conclude with the live blog code.

  • When push comes to shove, who ultimately is going to miss this game? Andy Miller is out.  Justin Boren and Jake Ballard were on the fence, though it seems like Ballard is a go.  That, or he will be a captain by means of a video conference.
  • How does Donnie Evege respond to being denied the Nobel Peace Prize?  I thought for sure he was a lock.  In spite of impressive special teams play this season, his restraint in not going on a worldwide rampage — an act of unparalleled charity –  has made any semblance of peace on this Earth possible.  With Donnie Evege, there can be peace.  But of course: With Donnie Evege, there is no peace.  I don’t claim to totally understand the gravity of Donnie Evege; I am merely his servant.
  • We know what Wisconsin will try to do on offense.  So how much will we miss Dexter Larimore this game? Is his absence crucial, or can Todd Denlinger, Robert Rose, John Simon and Garrett Goebel fill the void?
  • When Jay Valai comes down as a linebacker-type in run support, can Ohio State make the defense pay with play-action?
  • With the shotgun as increasingly the go-to formation for Terrelle Pryor, do we see more option plays aimed at springing Pryor loose?  Duff reminds us that Wisconsin’s defense has struggled with option quarterbacks.

Questions abound for such a young team and an inconsistent offense, and the aforementioned questions are not exhaustive.  This game will likely be on TV — whether it’s on ABC or ESPN for you will be determined by regional coverage.  Live blog is below.  I’ll see you then.


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