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Donnie Evege was not impressed with last week's effort.
Donnie Evege was not impressed with last week's effort.
It’s Homecoming at Ohio State.  Later today, the Buckeyes will kick off against the Gophers, hoping to get this season back on track and hoping to field an offense that is less offensive than it currently is.  The Gophers are probably thinking the same way.

My preview was posted here yesterday.  As always with Tressel teams of late, serious questions abound.  The defense is honestly the least of them, but if we’re going to get more of the Bad Jim Heacock, we might make Minnesota’s offense look like Arkansas’ outfit.  You have to guess that Minnesota watched last week’s game against Purdue and took notes.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, the questions involve whether or not our offense can actually result in more first downs than turnovers under normal conditions and if there’s a defensive end out there that we can block.  Yeah, fans are upset with the playcalling and want more zone-read stuff, but we don’t seem dedicated to it when we run it.  Opposing defenses are bringing 9 guys into the box when they suspect it’s coming anyways.

Live blog is below.  I should be around.


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  1. 1 Steve

    I hope Herron gets back soon cause the offense needs his production.

  2. 2 Poe McKnoe

    What production?

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