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You gotta let that Buckstache grow, son.
You gotta let that Buckstache grow, son.
This will have to suffice for a more thorough recap post.  I was not able to watch this game live1, but I was able to go back and watch a good chunk of the game later.  What follows is a variety of thoughts from what I was able to discern.

  • Toledo’s defense was begging to be routed and, for the most part, we obliged.  This is one of the worst defenses in college football in this young season, but if we wish to nitpick in order to point out where we can keep improving, they did technically hold us a touchdown below what they usually give up to opposing offenses.
  • It’s unfortunate for them they couldn’t score, at all.  I love this defense.  I don’t claim to be an insider, but I like to think what we see from the defense comes from continued input from Luke Fickell.  Fickell, who almost departed for Notre Dame in the offseason, is now on the field and is assistant coach of a unit that increasingly plays with the identity of his inaugural Silver Bullets classmates.  Against Toledo, they were the perfect blend of both defensive minds — Heacock and Fickell.  They were violent, but focused.  They were aggressive, but did not leave themselves exposed.  Who would’ve thought that a defense that lost the likes of Malcolm Jenkins and James Laurinaitis, the most decorated linebacker in the program’s history, would look faster as a result.
  • On that note, I seriously fear we’re going to lose someone on the D-line this season.  It’s not a fear of injury per se, but more of a fear that someone’s going to rack up a manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide somewhere in a league game.  These guys have impressed so far.

Gorrilla Monsoon could not do it any better...
Gorrilla Monsoon could not do it any better...
  • I remember being in the minority when, at the beginning of 2008, I swore that Dane Sanzenbacher was legit.  He’s more than vindicated my confidence in him.
  • The slew of false start penalties for the offensive line is worrisome.  JB Shugarts racked up more than a few in his first career start.  This needs to stop.
  • Mike Brewster looked like he was having a blast out there against Toledo.  His bearhug Dane Sanzenbacher after his second TD attests to just that.  He also gave him a fierce slap on the back of the helmet after the first TD.
  • Mike Adams subbed for Andy Miller at LT on the third drive of the game and apparently played a good stretch of the game.  Hmm.
  • Terrelle Pryor had a good outing against Toledo, capped off with a 110 yard rushing performance as well.  Yes, Toledo can be regarded as a patsy, or a MAC snack, for the Buckeyes.  However, it was vital that the Buckeyes win comfortably in a game where they were supposed to win comfortably.  There was no hangover for Pryor, no confidence lost from USC to Toledo, and that constitutes a lot of what I wanted to see out of Pryor.  At this stage in his career, it worries me a little that he wants to prove everyone wrong with his arm.  That’s admirable, but most NFL quarterbacks are told that sometimes taking a sack is the best thing to do in a given situation.  In the college game, with a freakish athlete like Pryor, sometimes the best thing to do is to run like hell and see if anyone can catch you.  Troy Smith only had his legs cut out from underneath him as a redshirt senior.  Until then, I’d like to see him take off and run if the pocket is breaking and no one is open downfield.  It’s certainly a better solution than that first INT he threw.  There was also that one pass he threw in the second half while getting tackled.
  • Credit where credit is due: that throw to Sanzy for the second TD of the game was brilliant.  If not thrown perfectly, it’s a bad throw into a covered receiver in a tight space.  Thrown perfectly, and it’s a brilliant and undefendable pass.  Nicely done young man.
  • The run game is cause for concern.  It’s a cause for concern since it’s so much a part of the offensive philosophy and, indeed, the offense’s identity.  Boom Herron managed 42 yards on 15 carries, less than 3 yards per carry.  Brandon Saine didn’t fare too much better.  31 of his 45 yards came on one carry, leaving him at a tally of 8 carries for 14 yards.  I never imagined we’d miss Beanie as much as we do.  Basically, our identity on offense is that of a power running team that doesn’t get too much power at the line and doesn’t get too many yards running.  No sir, I don’t like it.
  • Btw, Jordan Hall — best tailback of the day, come on.  Am I right? Just like Geddy Lee — best bass player ever, come on.
  • Kurt Coleman stripping Eric Page of what would’ve been Toledo’s only score of the game is a bit of a dick move… and I love it.  He’s played at a higher level of late.
  • The tight ends — Stoneburrner and Ballard — were quiet.  We didn’t miss them, but it’d be nice to spring one of them loose for something.
  • Sanzy as the place holder takes me back to when Brian Baschnagel used to do that for the Buckeyes in the mid 70s.  When was the last time a WR was our placeholder (if only for a game)?

Video, courtesy of MLBIndian.

We should really do something like this in Cleveland again.  From what a friend of mine told me, it had the right feel of bringing Ohio State football to the fans and alumni of the Cleveland area.  Apparently it was a blast.

  1. My boss thought he didn’t have to order it on Direct TV, so oh well. []


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  1. 1 jack nause

    as always, good read…did you notice how many times Gibson dropped into pass coverage…I hope they turn him loose

  2. 2 chibucks

    great read. i think JB had some butterflies going on – had a few false starts, got beat badly a couple of times… but overall, not too bad.

  3. 3 Ed

    Nice win…………

    QB sneaks were a week late ( rim shot ).

    O-line penalties need to stop.

    I cannot wait to see Duron Carters for TD reception………..is on the horizon.

  4. 4 Poe McKnoe


    It was an awesome setting. If I lived in Columbus and not Cleveland, I would have hated it. I got to drive 20 minutes to see the Buckeyes play. How cool is that?

    I didn’t have a breakdown of the game, mainly since the tailgate started at 8:15. You know the story.

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