Some More Details on Tyler Moeller’s Incident?

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I understand that if I’m not careful, this could be construed as rumormongering.  Nothing, to my knowledge, is official about the story, other than the following.

  • Tyler Moeller was in Florida for a family vacay, which happened after class let out.
  • He was sucker-punched by someone at a restaurant/bar setting.  That person has been identified and may face serious charges.
  • Moeller collapsed at a team activity (a practice?) several weeks later.

Now, here’s Dave Biddle at Bucknuts said last night.

From what I hear, the guy was not a Florida fan or maybe not even a fan of any college team in particular. He just heard there was a starting linebacker from Ohio State there and started talking mess to Tyler. To his credit, Tyler tried to ignore it, but the guy kept it up. “You’re too small to be a linebacker at Ohio State; I could take you.” (Not exact quotes, paraphrasing.) Kept it up, kept it up, Tyler kept ignoring him, but finally the guy sucker punched him and Tyler fell back and hit his head. He was knocked out and had to spend three nights in ICU at the hospital. This was two weeks ago after summer classes ended for the players (well, for players not named Small and Rose).

Apparently Tyler was starting to recover well, but had a relapse of some sort Saturday and had to be admitted to OSU hospital. Now we’re hearing he needs surgery to stop the swelling near the brain and will be out for the year. I’m just sick for this young man because he’s a good person who was on the verge of a huge role for this team. He is football all the way and I know he was very excited about this opportunity to be a starter and play a lot. There was going to be a rotation at linebacker (and still will be) but Tyler was going to play a lot. Let’s just hope/pray that’s he’s able to fully recover at some point so he’s able to live a good life. If he’s able to play football again, that will be icing on the cake.

And yes, from what I’m hearing, the person that assaulted Tyler will be prosecuted both criminally and in a civil court. There is video of the incident and third-party witnesses. This was a drunk guy looking for a fight and he’s going to spend a long time in jail. Tyler did nothing wrong and anyone questioning him for being in a “bar” needs to remember he was on a family vacation. This wasn’t some biker bar or nightclub; sounds like more of a restaurant/pub type of place.

As far as I know, the details added by Biddle are new.  They contradict what I had previously assumed about leaving his injuries untreated and they also contradict other reports talking about Moeller’s ability to shrug off the injury when it happened.

You know the name of the perpetrator will eventually be made public.  You can only imagine the “reception” he’ll get from Buckeye fans across the country.

Again, the good news for Moeller is that this is not life-threatening, nor apparently a career-ending injury1.  It’s still really unfortunate professionally in spite of an expected full recovery personally.  However, the recovery right now from his hospital stay is most important right now.

  1. I still wonder if it is. []


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10 Responses to “Some More Details on Tyler Moeller’s Incident?”

  1. 1 Brandon Gray

    Thanks for the update Vico. Hope this punk who hit him for no apparent reason spends a very very very long time in jail.

  2. 2 Matt

    The World simply is not ready.

  3. 3 Vico

    Nothing says football is nigh like the soul-piercing gaze of Donnie Evege. May death come swiftly to His enemies.

  4. 4 JohnBoy

    High school buddy of mine went to spring practice yesterday. He’s kind of an insider.

    For what it’s worth, he said Pryor’s passing and arm overall looked horrible. Short hops, overthrows, and funny motion.

    I hope it was just a bad day, the Trojan’s cometh.

  5. 5 Matt

    Hopefully just the jitters. He was very solid in the Spring game, most of the incompletions were very catchable balls that the WRs screwed up on.

  6. 6 JohnBoy

    I definitely like your view better Matt. Here’s to Terrelle Pryor, the Donnie Evege of passers.

    Can somebody explain Vico’s man-crush on Evege please?

  7. 7 Matt

    Any answer to your question re: Vico tends to imply that somebody could explain Evege. And that’s simply not the case. He is the unknowable. To know him is to know death. And in the end, it matters not. It makes no difference what men think of Donnie Evege, said the judge. Donnie Evege endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. Donnie Evege was always here. Before man was, Donnie Evege waited for him. The ultimate scout team defensive back awaiting its ultimate fan. That is the way it was and will be. That way, and not someway else.

  8. 8 poop

    I watched the Big 10 feature last night and Pryor looks like he regressed. Hopefully just a little rust since Spring but… I hope he can pass this year. Anyhoo, I hope the the trash that hit Moeller goes to prison. He won’t get away with that sort of thing in there.

  9. 9 Vico

    Keyser Söze fears Donnie Evege.

    Donnie Evege is both matter and anti-matter. He has vexed astrophysicists for centuries. Donnie Evege consumes time. Donnie Evege consumes space. Donnie Evege will consume US ALL. It is for the fear of Donnie Evege collapsing this ever-expanding universe into a naked singularity that he is forced to watch from the sidelines, with towel in hand. Donnie Evege accepts this. He allows us to live our lives never aware of the monsoon that awaits them. When the monsoon devours us whole, all of humanity’s experiment will be washed away in an all-encompassing firestorm of nothingness. This is prophesy. There is no level of preparation conceivable to make peace with the fury of Donnie Evege. The world is not ready for Donnie Evege.

  10. 10 JohnBoy

    Man…I’ve got the church giggles over this Evege diatribe.
    All I wanna know is….does he have SEC speed? Can he block a Trojan defensive end? And, lastly would he conduct a paid hit on an opposing teams star player the night before a game?
    These are questions I ask of you.

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