Mike Brewster: It’s Not Bollman

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Brewster has his back
Bucknuts has used the better part of the week to interview some people on the football team about the upcoming season, made more prominent by the fast-approaching start of fall camp.  Naturally, with how the last few seasons have unfolded, the offensive line has been arguably the topic of interest, probably moreso (and deservedly so) than Pryor.  After all, Pryor needs to use his legs to create, and not run for his life.

While Bucknuts has chatted with JB Shugarts and Jimmy Cordle recently, it’s actually Michael Brewster who had the most interesting things to say.  The interviewers there asked him about a variety of stuff, ranging from tattoos to his passion for the Kansas City Royals, but it was naturally the comments he had about the offensive line that had me hooked.

His tone wasn’t deadpan or stern, but his words were nonetheless serious as Brewster said the offensive line is dedicating this upcoming season to their much maligned position coach, Jim Bollman.  Brewster is aware of the heat coming from media and fans, but wants this season to prove the point: it’s not Bollman, the man for whom Brewster said he committed to Ohio State.

Brewster said a variety of things on that point.  First, he swears that Bollman gets his players ready in practice and that it’s not entirely fair to hold him responsible for their failure to execute.  Per Brewster, he ultimately cannot help it.1  This year, he and his fellow linemen want to prove that he’s one of the best in the college game.

The most interesting remark came from a follow-up on that point.  Seeing a thinly veiled message there about last year’s line, an interviewer asked if there was anything he saw from last year’s line that had him (Brewster) telling himself “that’s why Bollman is taking the heat”.  It’s hard to fully capture in text what Brewster’s response was, but here’s what it was:

*looks up* Yeah, I mean *looks down* yeah *grins* nothing, uh… *looks back at the interviewer* no comment.

The interviewer, presumably picking up on that point, asked if it would be fair to say that they don’t intend to be anything like that, with Brewster remarking that everyone looks to be in better shape, especially Bryant Browning. ((Justin Boren, however, is the exception.  He is massive and strong as an ox.))

Video is below.  As I wrote in The Buckeye Battle Cry 2009, I have no interest in being right about my nascent curiosities regarding Bollman’s competence.  I hope this is the year where the offensive line is able to vindicate him.  Thoughts?

  1. Ed note: This part of the reason why I want Bollman out of the booth and on the sideline during games.  It may be simple correlation, but his offensive lines were so much more effective before he moved to the booth. []


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6 Responses to “Mike Brewster: It’s Not Bollman”

  1. 1 SonOfBuckeye

    If Alex Boone could say after last year’s USC game that the offensive line “did a great job” and “a wonderful job,” you have to wonder what Bollman was telling his players.


  2. 2 Ohio State Football

    Tressel didn’t take over the offensive line practice half way through last season cause Bollman was doing a great job and needed a break.

  3. 3 JohnBoy

    I think we had some kids that graduated last year who were bad apples, underachievers, and in some cases not really into being the best they could be. I think we also had some fear of injury as the NFL loomed. Beanie Wells being the #1 culprit here in my book. I believe that last years seniors and early departures had kind of an F&%$ you attitude towards the fan base and the backlash from the Florida loss, they took it personal but they took it personal against everybody else….they didn’t channel onto the field. “When they got down, they shut it down” -Harry Coleman – Strong Safety – LSU.
    I don’t think those guys were very close with alot of the kids we have now, there was little leadership and lots of individualism.

  4. 4 Poe McKnoe


    Going back to your “Better Know a Buckeye” on Brewster: “The contact between Bollman and Brewster was at first a couple times a month. As the two began to connect well and hit it off, the contact between the two increased to a rate of at least once a week. They continued talking weekly for the next 5 years before Brewster signed with Ohio State.”

    I hope Brewster is right and the line proves me wrong this year, but how much of the defense comes from that relationship?

  5. 5 Brandon Gray

    My thoughts are essentially identical to Poe’s. It sounded to me as if Brewster was defending Bollman more as a friend rather than from the objective viewpoint that I tend to take.

    Every year I hope for Bollman to get it turned around…every year so far I’ve been let down. If he gets it together this year, that will be fantastic, but I think he’s just been given way too much time to get things straight in a bigtime Division 1A program like OSU.

  6. 6 Mike

    Unfortunately, if we get rid of him, I have a feeling that there is a very real chance that some of the Brew crew transfers out. Then what happens to our offense?

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