Jaamal Berry Arrested

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Apparently Jaamal Berry was recently arrested and will be charged with marijuana possession.  Since this a breaking story (it seems), this post may be updated as more information comes in.

Update: I did some sleuthing around the Miami-Dade Clerk‘s site for criminal records.  I think Berry appears under case # F-09-019391.  It reads “cannabis/posn/20+”.  The “20+” concerns me, since I think that means he was caught with more than 20 grams of weed.  That appears to be a felony.

Arraignment will be on July 2nd, says the Dispatch.


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  1. 1 Ron

    Was that his correct birthday 05/22/1991 (just turned 18)?

  2. 2 Vico

    Yep, that’s him. I cross-referenced that date with a civil court case having to deal with his mom’s divorce. Not the best timing to be caught with more than 20 grams of weed, if that’s what is the case against him.

    That appears to be the only thing on his record, though… so we’ll see what happens from here.

  3. 3 Matt

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. fuck. fuck fuck. fuck.

  4. 4 Ron

    My wife was telling me the other day about a student of hers that just graduated. He got a 4 year scholly to … The Marine Corps. He chose to not go to graduation parties where he might risk getting caught in the vicinity of things-he-knew-shouldn’t-be-there-but-would-be-there. He didn’t want a mark, however small, to muck-up his enlistment and aspirations to be a drill instructor. I wish all student athletes, especially those with so much to gain, could share that ethic.

  5. 5 El Caballo de Sangre

    This is bad, bad news for Berry and the Buckeyes – I mean, you have to think that the odds are against him ever suiting up now. Even if he avoids jail (1st offense, otherwise clean record, etc.) he’s still gonna get hit with some pretty stringent probation, no? The same probably applies even if the charge gets reduced to a misdemeanor. And the conditions of that probation will probably require his regular presence in Miami-Dade just for court appearances, let alone community service, dropping urine, etc.

  6. 6 Vico

    Arraignment will be on July 2nd, says the Dispatch.

  7. 7 Ed


    This might be profiling …………but this is Berry’s MySpace page. Which kind of disturbs me. I got this link on another blog I write on.

    Why is it that kids …………have humongous opportunities, and a descent clear path laid out in front of them, and they want to jeopardize all of it for some dumb choices………….man o man.

  8. 8 Vico


    out on bond

  9. 9 Ken

    jesusjumpinchrist… well, I guess this opens things up a bit at running back.

  10. 10 Ohio State Football

    Carlos Hyde is now #3.

  11. 11 Brandon

    Any chance Lydell Ross still has a year of elgibility?…….actually I’ll go with the guy in prison…………………..
    ……..seriously this sucks though……

  12. 12 El Caballo de Sangre

    I didn’t have time to say this before, but: I absolutely believe that Berry should be able to keep his scholarship if at all possible. This arrest is not cause to label him a “bad” kid. He may have made a “dumb choice” here, but that’s something that all – repeat ALL – 18-year-olds do. People like to talk about scholarship kids as if they’re to be expected to take account of every single possible negative consequence of every action – in short, as if they weren’t 18-year-old kids.

    I’m actually more outraged at the fact that simple possession of less than 3/4 of an ounce of weed is apparently enough to incur a felony charge (in the larger sense, I’m actually outraged that cannabis is illegal, but that’s another subject). I don’t know how much anybody else here knows about it, but you can take my word for it that that’s really not a large quantity. Even if Berry was holding an ounce (or more), he’s not charged with intent to distribute (meaning it was all in one bag), we’re not talking about quantities inconsistent with personal use. If it weren’t for the (idiotic) law against it, I would personally have no problem with every single Buckeye athlete being a recreational pot smoker – I used to run into lots of Buckeye athletes engaged in (perfectly legal) recreational alcohol use/abuse when I lived/hung out around South Campus, and I can tell you that those guys were more of a danger to themselves and society than anybody I’ve ever run into getting high.

  13. 13 Ron


    Recreational drug/alcohol use is not OK. Excusing illegal actions is not OK. I don’t have a problem, none at all, with legalization of cannabis. I’d like to pull the rug out from under the profiteers of these illicit trades (they’re not very nice people). Alcohol/tobacco/drugs/cannabis have no place at the training table. “Everybody doing it” is probably how everybody else gets started, that’s not much of an excuse.

    The Florida law is ridiculously harsh, and Jaamal could pay dearly for his foolishness. I’d like to see him remain a Buckeye, I’d like to see him get national accolades. I’d especially love to see him become an academic All-American. In short, I want him to mature, succeed, and become part of Buckeye lore … but, I’m out of the loop on these decisions.

  14. 14 Vico

    This has to be something unique to Florida and an artifact of the 1980s and the “War on Drugs”. Florida, being identified as the port for narcotics, may have Draconian drug legislation because of it.

  15. 15 Ron

    Absolutely right Vico. Florida’s problem isn’t so much with kids smoking pot, it’s with the organizations, that grow it by the metric ton, and import/distribute it. A lot of death and destruction comes with that. The theory of these Draconian measures is to attack the demand side of things (having lost miserably on the supply side of the war). I’d love to see cannabis legalized, if for only this reason. However, that wouldn’t solve the larger problem of other highly addictive, and highly profitable, drugs. In the larger international sense, we (the U.S.) accuse other nations of harboring drug cartels. The nations in question accuse the U.S. of insatiable appetite for drugs (including foolish kids who can’t say no). It’s all part of the same problem. Drug traffickers are miserable parasites that destroy lives, and countries, just to make a buck. It’s a big problem.

  16. 16 Ed

    Can we for once in this day and freaking age take responsibility for ones actions??

    I mean please………………its against the muther freaking law………………..and its against team rules………….and its agianst alot of muther freaking things. I wish people would quit passing blame or excuses as to why kids make stupid a** muther freaking descisions. They know right from muther freaking wrong………………they do………………..and it about time to the muther freaking law down…………………..

    Sorry kid………….your done…………..( bottom muther freaking line )

  17. 17 fairfaxbuck

    It wasn’t 28 grams. It was 28 ounces. However there were 3 people in the car and nobody claimed it.

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