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Get your nasty on
I’m still a little bit in shock that Justin Boren is becoming my favorite player on the team.  I wasn’t going to hold it against him that he transferred from Michigan michigan1.  After all, he might have been the best lineman on the team if he played immediately in 2008.  He’s basically the equivalent of a non-scholarship JUCO, and a damn good one at it too.  However, I wasn’t expecting to become enamored with him.

However, with the underwhelming2 performance of the unit last year, and the rave reviews coming in this early Spring, it’s hard not to be swept up by Boren.

I’ve mentioned some of the superlatives said about him earlier, specifically by Doug Worthington.  Worthington, quick to mention him as a friend off the field, couldn’t help but make a comment about his thirst for violence on the field.  Therein, he was depicted as “a monster”, “a man amongst boys”, and “a big bowling ball and strong as an ox”.  In fact, he’s inflicted minor injuries on at 3 least 3 Buckeyes so far because of this nastiness.  As far as I know, he’s the one responsible for injuring Robert Rose in what was apparently a one-on-one drill.

The longer the Spring has progressed, the more people are taking notice.  Cue Thaddeus Gibson:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State’s Thaddeus Gibson has some friendly advice for his fellow Big Ten defensive linemen this fall.

Don’t stand near the pile after a play, especially if Buckeyes left guard Justin Boren is in the general vicinity.

“He’s gonna knock your ass down,” Gibson said.

“Oh my God, he’s a crazy dude,” Gibson said. “It’s good to have him over there because we’re lining up and he’s screaming and cussing and [stuff]. He’s a good guy to have.”

Jim Cordle, one of two returning starters from last year’s atrocity at the position, has noticed how much benefit there is to having him emerge as a leader:

“Just from a brute strength perspective, he’s unbelievable,” Buckeyes senior right tackle Jim Cordle said. “He’s the strongest guy we’ve got on the team. You take a guy with the physical tools like that, and then he plays a little bit pissed off, which is kind of cool. It rubs off on everybody.

“He plays with a little bit of rage.”

The man whose life Boren has been entrusted to saving is also appreciative.

“He is pretty bad. I like how nasty he is. We need some offensive linemen to step up and be nasty. They will, too. They have to be ferocious on the field and take someone’s head off.”

“Fire, man. He’s nasty,” Pryor said.

The defensive front often has held sway in scrimmages, but Boren usually is mixing it up and playing to the whistle.

“We needed it,” Pryor said of that attitude. “When you’ve got that nasty, like (departed left tackle Alex) Boone — I loved Boone because he’s just nasty3. He’ll try to fight after every play.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s like (Boren) is someone who is going to fight for you all day, all game. I like that.”

While I more than enjoy reading about Boren being an instigator and glorified berserker in the trenches, I’d hate for him to be the only one.  Terrelle Pryor is right when he says “There’s some teams out there that are waiting for us… and there’s teams that we owe some stuff to. We’re just going to bring it.”.  Terrelle has been doing his part, trying to emerge as a leader while simultaneously learning the game.  Boren has evidently been doing more than his fair share of the work as well.  Moreover, Boren has seemingly captured the mood that I want: F.T.W.  Someone’s gotta pay4.  Pryor knows it.  Boren knows it.  Thaddeus Maximus has seemingly internalized it as well.  I’d love to read more of it emerging this Spring.

  1. I’m not capitalizing your block m, michigan.  Y’all ain’t worth it. []
  2. I’m being generous. []
  3. Evidently Terrelle and I disagree on this, but I’ll defer to him as the player. []
  4. Living in Alabama (the Mecca of the SEC) hasn’t helped me in this regard either.  I used to be rather jovial in college… []


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10 Responses to “Bringing Nasty Back”

  1. 1 Matt

    It must have ate at Boren to sit on the sidelines last year with the talent we had take handoffs, and to watch those fat big-uglies do nothing to help spring #28. I love that he plays with this fire. And if he has this attitude in practice—how nasty you think he will be in a real game? Against USC? Shit, against the Blue, up in their house? He is going to be public enemy number 1—and most likely love it.

    And I thought I would have better-known Jordan Hall by now. People rely on you, Vico. People with no social lives. Like me.

  2. 2 Vico

    Things have been a little hectic around here. I’m going to try for Monday morning. Lo siento, por favor perdóneme.

  3. 3 Fear the Elf

    Wow. He sounds lazy.

  4. 4 Ken

    While you’re at it, please check your “Contact” email inbox. Mecca of the SEC? Love it.

  5. 5 PoisonousNut

    Is Boren a RS-Soph?

  6. 6 Jacob

    I believe he’s a redshirt junior.

  7. 7 scott

    He played two years at M, getting one start as a frosh and starting all games as a soph. And he loses a year, so I think he’ll be one and done at OSU.

  8. 8 TA

    I hope he does well, but we’re screwed until Jim Bollman is gone. We should send this man to the horn of Africa and put a big sign on him for the pirates. He has done more than any man I’ve ever seen at Ohio State in consistently getting all of those highly touted talents on the o-line to underperform, in game after game, including all of our bowl losses. And his *$*&$$ zone blocking schemes serve as an exemplar for what not to do when coaching a college offensive line.

  9. 9 Poe McKnoe

    Agreed. Someone needs to get the fired up. In the jersey scrimmage, the offensive line was confused and got continually burned. The JERSEY SCRIMMAGE. Shit. Bollman earns a big fail.

  10. 10 JohnBoy

    I love Jim Bollman. He’s an excellent offensive line coach.
    I also have a man-crush on Alex Boone because of his teetotaling.
    Bryant Browning and Ben Person are probably the best offensive linemen to ever play at tOSU.
    Blocking sleds should be banned from football.
    Quarterbacks should just learn to get out of the way or throw on the move.
    Offensive line film study should include a “pretty flower of the week” for motivation.

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