Women’s Basketball Stays Local, in Berkeley Regional

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Grandpa Jim Foster and his girls fill out their brackets
Buckeyes not leaving the area for Spring Break will certainly have plenty of basketball for a distraction.  The men’s team will be playing an 8/9 game against Siena — which is apparently a college and not a color or an English actress — in nearby Dayton.  The women’s basketball team just learned their fate, though with arguably less suspense than their male counterparts.  The Big Ten regular season and tournament champions will be playing their opening round games in Nationwide Arena as a 3-seed.  Their first opponent is Sacred Heart, which is apparently a university, and not a fictional hospital.  Should the Buckeyes pass that test, they will await the winner of Texas and Mississippi State in the 6-11 game.

A full bracket can be downloaded here.  I’m not saying you will, but it’s here for you.

The Berkeley Regional
I know, my interest in the women’s basketball team and willingness to write about them is probably the most annoying element to this blog (though no one reads this blog).  In my defense, you have no idea how badly you’ll miss Ohio State athletics of any kind when it’s as far removed from you as it is from me.  Living in Tuscaloosa, I keep checking the athletic website for the Crimson Tide over the summer in a faint hope that the women’s soccer or men’s tennis team for Ohio State might come down here for something, let alone alone one of the bigger attraction sports like men’s basketball.  If it’s something as innocuous and uninteresting as women’s soccer, I’ll take a day off, get my body paint on and bring out my Buckeye scarves, exercising my true hooliganism.  For it’s part, women’s basketball, a regular on TV, helps remind me of home.

Perhaps this is why I strongly encourage anyone in the area that’s free on Saturday to get some tickets, presuming that they’re still available.  It won’t interfere with the men’s game, which is on Friday, and the tickets couldn’t possibly be more than $40.  If this promotional flyer is correct, and Ticketmaster isn’t deceiving me, the first and second round games will only run you $31.50.  If you’re a student, and you’re staying in the Columbus area on break, that number dips down to a measly $20.  An event like this, where the women’s basketball team is making the necessary strides to become a national title contender, should appeal to two types of Ohio State fans.  First, local Buckeye fans and families who lack the necessary donation credentials or money to get football tickets often feel left out, but an event like this should be an appealing way of feeling closer to the athletics program.  Consider it a warmup for the rapidly approaching Spring Game, which is also a big local event for people who often times don’t get football tickets.  Second, the kids my age should find this appealing.  I know, I think it’s often the people in my very demographic (18-25yr old male) who balk at the idea of caring about women’s basketball.  I guess it’s not cool.  After all, you gotta save money and calories to get nice and hammered to cheer at a football game.  This is also true.  However, I can’t think of anything more appropriate for that mentality than to be that guy that gets blind drunk and heads to a women’s basketball game to cheer his lungs out for the Buckeyes.  Go on, be that guy.  The more people there that are that guy, the better.  It’s not enough to show up; you gotta create a scene too.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday.  If you can’t go, I believe the Sacred Heart Hospital University game will be broadcasted on ESPN.

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    thanx… I do read this blog almost every day and I enjoy the content… thanx for the efforts!

  2. 2 Matt

    Dood, I know precisely what you are talking about re: being stoked about random OSU sports when you move far from Ohio. I went to law school in NYC, and one day while in the gym of my school, I noticed a fencing tournament was going on—and who to my wondrous eyes appear but the world class and oft-national champion Ohio State fencing team. They must have been pretty creeped out–a random guy dressed in lifting garb, screaming “O-H” at them over and over again, as gleeful as a child on Christmas morning; but I hope they ultimately appreciated it.

  3. 3 Ohio State Basketball

    I think they have a chance to go much further this year than in the past. Lavender is a great player and dominates games.

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