Buckeyes Lose Tournament Finale, Draw Siena in Dayton

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The Buckeyes lost the championship game against Purdue, but I don’t feel like talking too much about that.  You know me, I’m disappointed in any Buckeye sporting event that doesn’t culminate in me buying a championship t-shirt, so this one was a particular downer.  Sigma(No ball movement + no ball pressure in the second half + everyone standing around hoping for Turner to turn water into wine + no rebounds + … annoying factori) = no championship t-shirt ==> crying into my pillow tonight.

However, while Purdue taking a championship t-shirt away from my grasp may make me cry later tonight, the Buckeyes may have actually gotten the fairer seeding here.  Purdue, a 25-win conference tournament champion, jetting out to Portland, Oregon to (likely) play Washington in the second round seems kind of odd.  It’s shades of the Buckeyes’ “fair” drawing in 2002, when the regular season conference co-champion and tournament champion Buckeyes flew out to New Mexico.  “Keeping teams close to home” my ass, 2002 selection committee.

However, I think that Ohio State’s drawing as an 8 seed is fair.  They’ll play the no. 9 seed Siena Saints in next door Dayton.  I held no ill will towards Siena this morning, and only a very foggy idea of where that college was in this country.  However, I now hate them.  Alot.  It is on now, Siena.  I don’t know who you think you are (and only a general idea where you are), but you are no The Ohio State University.

And I’m not going to even bother looking you up on Google Maps.  Y’all ain’t worth it.

If the Buckeyes can get past Siena, they have a likely showdown with no. 1 overall seed Louisville in the round of 32 game.  Oh boy.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, though.

Other Observations about the Bracket

  • It’s good to see seven Big Ten teams represented.  Purdue got shafted, but everyone else got golden opportunities to shine.  Illinois probably could’ve gotten a nicer opponent, especially if it is going to be without Chester Frazier for the tournament.
  • While I guess I have an interest in seeing more Big Ten teams in the tournament, I would’ve been elated if Michigan was left out.  C’mon.  It’d be too funny.  Nevertheless, they earned their spot.
  • A 26 win regular season champion LSU is an 8 seed (and they drew Butler. Yikes).  A 23 win tournament champion Mississippi State is a 13 seed.  Tennessee is a 9 seed.  No Florida either.  I like.  Suck it, SEC.
  • I think I’m adopting Kentucky as my favorite NIT team.  And why not?  They’ve earned it.
  • Seriously, the local school back in my hometown, Cal State Northridge, is in the tournament and Kentucky is not.  CSUN is where anyone in my high school who ended up making it to college ended up going.  I’ve been to more than a few games in the “Matadome”.  I’ve played some pickup games with a current reserve point guard on their team.  They’re going to get killed by Memphis, but still.  They’re in.  Kentucky isn’t.  Very nice.
  • On that note: Arizona got into the tournament for no other reasons than having a player or two who might make it to the NBA and being very competitive 10 years ago.  Arizona went out of their way to play themselves into the NIT and the selection committee just couldn’t get over the fact that they used to be really good 10 years ago.  Penn State or Saint Mary’s deserved that bid more than they did.
  • 5 Ohio teams will be represented in this tournament: Ohio State, Dayton (who squeezed in), Xavier, Akron and Cleveland State.  Represent the Great State of Ohio well, boys.
  • It should go without saying that anyone in the Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati areas should flood University of Dayton Arena for the opening round games in support of the Buckeyes.  We might be really needed in the second game, if we make it past the Saints.


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