51-33 (21-6)

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Only in horseshoes and hand grenades, PJ
So, yes, Ohio State lost its opening round game to Siena.  It took two overtimes for the Saints, but a late three pointer by Ronald Moore eventually propeled Siena to a 74-72 victory in Dayton.  The Buckeyes’ basketball season is mercifully over.

The bigger curiosity for me is how a team for whom every player was noticeably dwarved by their counterpart on Ohio State’s roster could outrebound the Buckeyes 51-33 overall and enjoy a 21-6 advantage on the offensive glass.  Siena’s two principal frontcourt players run 6’9 and 6’5, at 220 each.  Both had 13 total offensive boards and 28 total rebounds for the game.  Ohio State’s two big men run 6’8 255 and 7’0 275, with the latter (Mullens) serving as the team’s 6th man.  Both had 7 total rebounds for the game.  Both Lauderdale and Mullens combined had as many rebounds as Siena’s 5-11 point guard.  Siena’s 6’3 wingman had 9 rebounds.  Again: 51-33 for the game, 21-6 on the offensive glass.  That doesn’t make any sense.  The question that obviously follows is how in the blue hell this can even happen.  Watching it, I know what happened.  It’s basically everything that’s already been said before.  But 51-33 (21-6) against a team comprised of dwarves compared to Ohio State’s roster?  That’s… that’s like a logical absurdity.  That should be something that causes the universe to collapse into a naked singularity or something.

That, or it’s just a brutal, and almost unfair satire of all the problems I’ve already seen with this team when it comes to rebounds.  To take the art of satire in good spirit is a necessary gentlemanly characteristic to have.  But I gotta call party foul here.

51-33, and especially 21-6.  Jesus.  If not for their turnovers, we might have had our asses kicked.

Other annoying parts of this game:

  • Jon Diebler went 2/12, 2/11 from the perimeter, finishing with 6 points.  Hmmm.
  • Evan Turner almost had a triple-double and carried this team through important stretches.  He finished with 25 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.  That was about it for anyone else on the team, though.
  • Aside from killing us on the glass, Ryan Rossiter is also skilled in the Shakespearean art of the flop.
  • Ohio State ran out to a 41-30 lead with 14:28 left in the second half.  They scored 5 points over the next 8 minutes.
  • Again: 51-33 and 21-6.  Do we not know how to boxout?
  • Ohio State made lots of bad decisions in trying to break the press.  PJ should know better than to trap Evan Turner in a coffin corner by the halfcourt line and the scorer’s table.
  • Losing in front of basically a home crowd for Ohio State is really cold.  We got a generous seed for even being in Dayton and being able to play locally and failed to take advantage of it.

Ohh well.  The women tip off at 2:00PM ET on ESPN2.  I’m hoping that gets some of the bad taste out of my mouth.


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12 Responses to “51-33 (21-6)”

  1. 1 Todd (Not Boeckman)

    Can I change my vote for most disappointing player? I was a Dallas Lauderdale critic in the poll. But after watching that joke of an effort last night, I need to reassess my thoughts. THERE IS NO FECKIN WAY THAT MULLINS IS READY FOR THE NBA. I wonder if he is ready for big time division I basketball. I think Ashland or Urbana may be more his speed. No offense. No heart (the most important part of rebounding). No defensive intensity.

    What is it about big men in Columbus? Mullins couldn’t even beat Lauderdale out for the starting position, and yet he thinks he’s going to do more than collect 3 years of NBA gold before he slides off to European oblivion. Good luck with that. Yeah, doing anything just for the money leads to success. RANT OVER.

  2. 2 Todd (Not Boeckman)

    Oh yeah. Bring on the Vikings. At least they play with heart.

  3. 3 Steve

    I am happy to not have to watch the Louisville game now. Diebler needs an offensive game! Standing outside the three point line all game long doesn’t count.

  4. 4 Ken

    TNB, good points, I can’t disagree with any of them. I’m in a better mood this morning, barely, but I still need to get my rant on. I’m in my late 50′s, so I have been an avid Buckeye fan for several decades. I’m getting to a point where I’m getting worn out by emotionally investing so much in tOSU’s teams. I may need to lower my expectations down to a more realistic level; tOSU may continue to be a strong regional “player” in basketball, football, etc, but nothing more. I cringe when they get on the national stage, they just aren’t geared for it. Nothing wrong with a few Big 10 titles and spanking Michigan every so often; just don’t expect bigger things.

    Last night’s effort and results were horrific, and IMO did show a lack of heart. Blowing a send-half 11-point lead?! Getting our ass handed to us on the boards (blocking out, anyone?) by a much smaller team is completely inexcusable. The ball movement/handling against Siena’s press was terrible. I’m not sure if they were coached to pick up their dribble in a mid-court corner, or just decided to do it on their own. Not good at all.

    OK, I feel a little better now, thanks. I think I’ll watch the Buckettes this afternoon to hopefully see some good, fundamental basketball.

  5. 5 Todd (not Boeckman)

    Yeah, I’m 52, and a 31 year season ticket holder for football, so I’ve seen it all. I don’t think there is any need to lower expectations per se. What needs to be done is understand how difficult it is to win a NC and not feel so disappointed when the Bucks fall short. Woody used to say, win the B10 and let the National Crap take care of itself. Now with the BCS, we can focus a little more on trying to win the Football title. Winning a Basketall title is sooo much harder than a football one. Winning 6 games in a row in that format requires heart, skill, coaching and luck.

    By the way, I would be careful getting too focused on the girls. Based on their track record, they are heart breakers too.

  6. 6 Ken

    “Winning 6 games in a row in that format requires heart, skill, coaching and luck.”

    Yep, you’re right. I’m not sure we could have delivered on those four requirements. Well, obviously not, as it turned out. Getting beat on the national stage doesn’t grate on me so much as, IMO, really looking bad in the fundamentals while doing it. Regarding, the girls, I figured I might as well get it all out of my system this weekend.

    Anyway, Spring Game is around the corner, and in another few weeks getting my golf clubs out in western NY, then all will be right with the world. Thanks for the talk-down.

  7. 7 Jack

    You people who think Mullens is staying because he isn’t good enough right now to play in the NBA, you are totally, completely missing the point. NBA teams don’t draft based on how good you are now; they draft based on how good they think you can be. You can argue the wisdom of this method all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s what they do. NBA scouts will see an athletic seven-footer who can run. They will salivate over what they think he is capable of. They will be willing to draft him in the first round. And he would be stupid to pass up that kind of money, whether he’s “ready” or not. Plain and simple.

  8. 8 Todd (Not Boeckman)

    Although I’m not staying he IS staying, I am saying he SHOULD stay so I have to Disagree. If he doesn’t develop his game, he will be a one contract player. Yes he will have that one contract to make a shitload of dimes (apologies to Slim Pickens). But the real money comes with the second contract. If he doesn’t develop, which does not happen much at the highest level, he will be looking at a series of 10 day contracts at best. And THAT my friend, will cost him HUGE dollars.

  9. 9 Vico

    Todd is officially declared the winner of this comments section for the Blazing Saddles reference.

  10. 10 Todd (Not Boeckman)


    Oh yeah…. O H

  11. 11 Vico

    I O, goes without saying.

    and LePetomaine Thruway? Now what’ll that asshole think of next?

  12. 12 Todd (Not Boeckman)

    Hello Boys….Where’s the white women at?

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