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Nick Montana
Today, Ohio State welcomes in Nick Montana for the first of a two day visit before he jets off to Texas for another unofficial visit.  You might have heard of him recently as his name has attracted attention of Buckeye fans everywhere, even those indifferent to recruiting.  Interest in the Montana boy is two-fold.  First, he’s, well… he’s Joe‘s son.  That naturally is going to elicit some interest from the fanbase.  Second, and most importantly, the Buckeyes will definitely try to take a top flight quarterback in 2010 as they think of adding depth at the position and as they already look to life post-Pryor.

You’d think an Oaks Christian kid like Nick, whose father is a Notre Dame hero, would follow both his older brother Nate and fellow Oaks Christian alum Jimmah Clausen1 to Notre Dame.  However, the interest from Nick seems to be every place but Notre Dame at the moment.  Further, dad isn’t forcing the issue.  The presence of his older brother as a walk-on on the roster has the younger brother thinking of his spreading his wings and flying elsewhere so that he and his brother may have their own chances to shine.

Anymore these days, it looks like Ohio State just may be that place where he wants to be.  Usually it’s wise not to read too much into comments this early in the process, but the overtures are serious in both directions.  In the aforementioned Bucknuts article, the language used by Nick seems to put the Buckeyes in a privileged position among other schools vying for his services (LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, among others).  Further, Ohio State has been serious about Nick for some time.  The scholarship offer that came after Signing Day formalized the interest developed in him for the past few months.  Moreover, in spite of some quality quarterbacks to be considered, Ohio State is giving Nick the same treatment they gave Terrelle Pryor: They will recruit him, and only him, for the position until Nick lets them know he’s no longer interested.

Even more intriguing, unlike Pryor, Nick has stated that he wants to have his decision made as soon and will aim for an early summer decision.  He also said he’d like to have his mind made up by the spring, if at all possible.  I think Ohio State could only benefit from this.

Still, Ohio State will want to take a marquee prospect at quarterback even if Nick Montana is not that guy.  Consequently, there are a couple more names to know as the 2010 recruiting season begins in earnest.

Other Recruits to Know

Devin Gardner
Devin Gardner
It was a bit of shock to me that Nick Montana is getting the Terrelle Pryor guarantee on recruiting exclusivity because the Buckeyes are in a good position for this promising young prospect from Inkster, Michigan.  Though from The State Up North, Devin admitted to being a Buckeye fan through most of his adolescence.  Admittedly, he says this was mostly a function of him liking the color red and Ohio State being a top-tier team through his formative years.  He swears that he doesn’t have any favorites at the moment, but his interest in Ohio State persists in light of getting offers from just about everyone else of consequence (Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, LSU and Nebraska, among others).  There’s interest from the staff as well, as Paul Haynes has been in touch and Tressel even showed up at his school to watch him play basketball.  We’ll see what happens after Nick’s visit, as the visit may play a deciding role on whether or not Devin gets a scholarship offer from Ohio State.

Robert Bolden
2010 is probably the year of the quarterback in Michigan recruiting and it’s generating some interesting recruiting battles already between Michigan and Michigan State.  Robert Bolden is one of those quarterbacks drawing attention.  The Orchard Lake St. Mary product — same high school as Taurian Washington and Aaron Gant — already has offers from the two Big Ten schools in-state to go with offers from Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado.  I’m not sure if he gets an offer.  It seems to me that Gardner would be the better of the two Michigan prepsters if the Buckeyes could choose.

Dwight Macon
Dwight comes from Steubenville and, for the life of me, I can’t think of anyone that came from that program to Ohio State outside of Buster Tillman.  Macon is the real deal as an athlete, but that also entails some uncertainty about him being a quarterback at the next level.  He prefers to be a quarterback in college.  However, if he ends up at Ohio State, it may not be as a potential successor to Terrelle Pryor.  We’ll see, though.

Tyler Brause
Bucknuts ran a story on Tyler saying he’s a “Tebow-like QB”.  I think this was a backhanded way of saying that he’s not really a quarterback.  Okay, that wasn’t fair.  Still, Brause might be hindered by the quality of competition he sees playing for Wynford.  Wynford is a rural part of Bucyrus and most teams struggle to field football teams yearly.  Nevertheless, the mailers he’s getting from UCLA and Alabama suggest some interest in him at the position.  The camps he attends this summer will go a long way in determining if he’s a D-1 QB.

Jeffrey Godfrey
Miami seems to be a happening spot for Ohio State recruiting recently.  The Buckeyes took Etienne Sabino and Travis Howard from Miami in 2008 and Jaamal Berry in 2009.  They’re also monitoring the area in 2010.  Godfrey, of Miami Central HS, already has offers from Michigan, Tennessee, Miami and, I think, Alabama.  He’s interested in Ohio State, but his size may be an issue.  He’s about 6’0 170lbs right now.

Mitchell Faine
The Ada quarterback is putting up good numbers, but, as with Tyler, quality of competition will factor in here.  At the least, he’ll make some MAC team really happy.

To be honest, I have limited resources (time, especially), so I can’t watch everyone.  There’s a name here and there that I’m aware of, but those names don’t have much information associated with them.  Jon Ballard (Austintown Fitch HS), Christian Green (Tampa Catholic HS) and Brandon Pechloff (Montini HS, same HS as Garrett Goebel) all come to mind here.  Of the 3, Green is clearly the big-time national prospect, but the interest from everyone around the country in him led me to believe that Ohio State wasn’t going to get involved with him especially when there are regional options to them.  Still, the recruiting season is young and I’m sure there’ll be someone to emerge in the Buckeyes’ picture.

Of course, Nick Montana could make this all a non-issue should he think that Ohio State is the best fit for him.

  1. My mom has stories on him like you wouldn’t believe.  In my mom’s profession, and where she works, he and his family have become the stuff of legend. []


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6 Responses to “On Quarterbacks in 2010”

  1. 1 Ron

    I have this vision of Archie Griffin and Joe Montana tag-teaming up in the big-shots alumni loge. Rich alumni won’t know what hit them! With this invincible duo, we could almost retire the national debt!

  2. 2 PoisonousNut

    I dunno…is this Montana kid even very good? Don’t know enough myself to say but I’m always suspicious of legacy kids. That Montana name can easily lead to a biased view of his film to the tune of a couple recruiting stars. Especially with the Dame connection…

  3. 3 Vico

    He’s more of a drop-back passer than Pryor or the new spread QB that’s so en vogue now, but the benefit of having a dad like he has is that Nick does all the little things right and truly has a command of a pro-style offense that most kids coming out of high school have to wait a year to learn. He’s also a pretty good runner, though not the freakish athlete that Pryor was. That said, I’m not sure about upside, or ceiling. He could also stand to put on some more weight.

    2010 recruiting is still so very young and we’ll see a lot more of Nick in the future to verify his skills, especially when I’ve gathered that Gretzky’s kid is as good as he is. If the offer sheet he has doesn’t suggest he’s a top-level QB prospect, it’s mostly a function of it only being February. The fact that LSU offered — and that I think Alabama is about to — already confirms to me that he’s legit.

    I think Oaks Christian is also going to take on an Ohio HS in the Herbstreit Challenge, so we’ll get to see for ourselves.

  4. 4 Wil

    Do we have any height, weight, 40 time stats?

  5. 5 Vico

    6’2, 177lbs and 4.65 — says Rivals.

  6. 6 iball

    Why would we go after a drop back guy now? After watching TP, wouldn’t other QB’s in his mold make more sense in terms of continuity of a system? If Nick is a stud, I’ll take him, but it seems he could get lost in the shuff ala Boeckman. Also, maybe its the TP lover in me talkin, but I watch Braxton Miller on a regular basis, and I’ll stop watching football if that kid doesn’t eventually get mentioned for Heisman, seriously, it’s like that.

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