Ohio State finally gets a QB in the 2009 class

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Kenny Guiton
Ohio State apparently must really want to use a scholarship on a quarterback this season, in spite of being in good position for Devin Gardner and Braxton Miller in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  The Buckeyes jumped all over Tajh Boyd after his scholarship offer was voided by the Volunteers before losing out to Clemson in the process.  Undaunted, the Buckeyes extended verbal offers to Austin Boucher and Chris Coyer, MAC commitments to Miami (OH) and Temple respectively.  Both turned down Ohio State to stick with their respective MAC schools.

Ohio State wouldn’t take no for an answer this class and extended a verbal offer to Kenny Guiton, a dual-threat QB from Aldine, Texas.  Guiton had offers from Kansas, Rice, Houston, and Iowa State and was seriously looking into possibly attending Prairie View A&M.  However, the recent Ohio State offer was too much to pass up.  John Peterson came by his high school yesterday, asked for highlight film of Kenny.  Apparently everyone involved liked what they saw, called to extend an offer, which was immediately accepted.  In doing so, Kenny becomes the 25th verbal in the class and the first commitment since Jaamal Berry’s commitment on the first of September.

This post may seem negative on Kenny, but it’s more a commentary on how Ohio State refused to not have a quarterback in this class to backup Joe Bauserman in an emergency situation.  As it is, Kenny has a few people convinced that he’d be an absolute steal in anyone’s class, let alone Ohio State’s.  Still, Kenny is a very much a prospect at the moment, albeit a welcome one with noticeable upside.  He is your standard dual-threat QB with all the stereotypical benefits and limitations that follow from it.  His arm strength is solid, but not spectacular.  He is good with the run, but all too eager to tuck and run when keeping the eyes down field would be more in his interest.  Naturally, many people recruiting him thought that he would be a wide receiver at the next level.  These are all standard things.  As it is, I’m always glad to have people at Ohio State who really want to be there.



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5 Responses to “Ohio State finally gets a QB in the 2009 class”

  1. 1 buckeyebeau

    Woo hoo… look forward to your “know a buckeye” article on him; he’s clearly “under the radar” but we’ve gotten great things out of three star recruits before… glad we have another QB; important to have some depth. O-H

  2. 2 Ken

    Nice write-up, this seems to be pretty good stuff landing this young man. Yep, it seems he may have a few things to work on, but as I remember, our most recent Heisman Trophy winner came in recruited as an ‘Ath’, so who the hell knows? Give the youngen’ a year to run scout squad while TP and JB do their thing; it might all work out.

  3. 3 PoisonousNut

    One small correction, I believe Justin Green committed since Berry…Rivals has his commit date as 1-1-09.

  4. 4 Vico

    Green committed way back in June. The new date corresponds with Rivals and Scout listing him as a soft verbal because he was taking visits to places like Clemson before confirming that he would stay committed to the Buckeyes.

  5. 5 jack nause

    you miss a very important issue with this recruit. He is from Texas and Osu has been trying to get a foot in Texas for years. With Shugarts and now this kid, Tressel has created relationships with some of the high school coaches. Just like years ago, Tressel wanted to recruit Pennsylvania so he offered Jon Skinner, Mitchum, and signed a few other lesser known recruits and pop, the floodgates opened. Smart move for this staff. You have to get rid of the tunnel vision of star ratings and look down the road.

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