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Where's your speed?
Dear Utah Utes,

Thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I needed this.

I’ve had to endure so much shit over the past two and a half years from some insufferable locals and coworkers in Tuscaloosa that this… this is just fantastic.

Thank you.

And you know what? In spite of the fact that my alma mater is 0 and 3 against the Crimson Tide and that my beloved alma mater, source of pride and identity, has become a source of ridicule over the past few years, I’m not going to stop with just the thank you note.

Indeed, I’m going to unreasonable extents to get as much mileage out of this, knowing full well that this game will be swept under the rug by ESPN, CBS and the media writ large. After all, Alabama was missing its star left tackle, which totally explains Alabama’s defense getting rocked by the Utes.

Per the transitive property of college football (A > B > C > … n), Utah beat Alabama 31-17 in a glorified road game in the Sugar Bowl.  Utah only beat Michigan 25-23 in Ann Arbor.  Alabama finished 2nd in that ESS-EEE-CEE that I’ve heard so much about, but Michigan finished 10th in the Big Ten with only 3 wins.  Ergo, is the 2nd best team in the SEC no better than the 10th best team in the Big Ten?  What say you, Tommy Tuberville?

The notion is preposterous of course. In light of that, more praise should be given to Utah. Utah did worse to Alabama than Florida did (What’s this SEC speed thing I keep hearing so much about?) and finished the regular season as the only undefeated team in college football.  In my vote, they’re national champions this year.

That, and they’re proof that the SEC teams can’t hang with that Salt Lake apostate school speed.  The locals in the SEC need to realize that they just don’t have the speed nor the caliber of athletes to hang with the elite teams… of the Mountain West.


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Vico is the nom de guerre of the founder and current website chair of Our Honor Defend. He is currently living in exile in Alabama.


4 Responses to “LOL Tide LOL”

  1. 1 Gabby Jay

    Utah: 13-10 winners over New Mexico, 31-17 winners over Alabama.

    New Mexico (4-8) finished 7th in the Mountain West.

    I’m just sayin’…

  2. 2 Ken

    It is possible that the two yutes…
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: …Ah, the two what? Uh… uh, what was that word?
    Vinny Gambini: Uh… what word?
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: Two what?
    Vinny Gambini: What?
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh… did you say ‘yutes’?
    Vinny Gambini: Yeah, two yutes.
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?
    Vinny Gambini: Oh, excuse me, your honor…
    Vinny Gambini: Two YOUTHS.
    Apologies due to ‘My Cousin Vinny’, but I do believe that Utah showed ‘Bama what the hell a “Ute” was…

  3. 3 JohnBoy

    It just shows you what intensity, discipline, and execution will do for you. They’re defense reminded me of our Bucks in 2002, absolutely relentless. What we saw last night I wish they could bottle up. I would buy a case of it for several current Buckeye players starting with the whole offensive line. Wow.
    Vico, punish those people you know from the Southern Excuse Conference mercilessly. Remind them that just about EVERYONE on this current Bama team graduates or will likely go early. I will do the same to the god-awful LSU fans I must endure daily. The Tigers will be absolutely raped by graduation this year, and will likely have a down year again. If they played Georgia Tech 10 times they just win that one game. I am going to have to listen to how good they have suddenly become during the bowl layoff. 30 days ago it was ‘fire Miles”.
    God, I hate all things SEC. Hate it.

  4. 4 Ed

    This mornings national Fox Sports radio nimrod is spewing that Alabama wasn’t playing for anything, thats what attributed to the debacle. ……………and then he goes into hypetheticals……” Well if Alambama was playing for something ……….”. yada yada yada. What amazes me about National radio twits is that they ridicule the average fan for bring up hypetheticals about thier teams. But when in reality , thier hypicrits ………..because they spew hypetheticals themselves ( ala Colin Cowherd………and the likes of ).

    swept under the rug by the masses is right………………..

    If they weren’t playing for anything why was Saban going out of his mind on the sideline???

    Same jawing from the masses about USC ………..when they win thier the best of all time, when they lose to the likes of Oregon St. ( and handilly I might add ) who at the time was unranked Moutain West team as well, its just a little let down…………..please.

    thanks for the great read………..

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