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Not Alabama. I spend my Christmases here, and I was kind of hoping that the Buckeyes would join me out here. Buut noooooooooooooo... Penn State had to go be a dick about things...
First, apologies in order.  With bowl assignments out, and anticipations abounding for the most, wonderful time of the year (bowl season, that is), I guess I could be stepping up to provide more meaningful insight.  However, my vacay is coming up.  I’ve had this trip booked for months now, meaning I’ve had to finish a ton of work projects in order to go on vacation anxiety free.

While on vacay (starting this weekend), I’ll be away from my Situation Room.  Consequently, I won’t be able to put anything of meaning on YouTube.  I want to at least get something up before I go, to commemorate the bowl season.  Here’s what I have that I haven’t uploaded yet.  Tell me what interests you and I’ll burn the midnight oil getting it up.

  • 1984 Fiesta Bowl (v. Pitt).  Ohio State’s first Fiesta Bowl victory.
  • 1987 Cotton Bowl (v. Texas A&M).  Otherwise known as Texas A&M’s record-setting interception day.  Our defense made them look like a JV team.
  • 1999 Sugar Bowl (v. Texas A&M).  We’ve had a lot of good moments at the Aggies’ expense.  This one is a little more boring than most people want to admit.
  • 1997 Rose Bowl (v. Arizona State).  Apropos of nothing.  Come to think of it, I think if I upload this, I’ll just get pissy that the Buckeyes aren’t going to Pasadena this year.  Texas has been to two more Rose Bowls than we have in the past decade.  Texas… Big 12… Rose Bowl.  That ain’t America.  Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas can play in the Rose Bowl this decade, but we can’t.

It might be more relevant to try to upload the 2006 Texas game, though I actually don’t have that one.  Buckeyeplanet has it on their trackers, but their users typically seed nothing.


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  1. 1

    The 1997 Rose Bowl would be a fun to watch again. Thanks

  2. 2 Mike

    I watched the 97 and 99 games, so I would vote for the 84 or 87 games.

  3. 3 MikeLew

    I vote for the 87 game……playing a team that throws like Texas, we should look at getting our Bowl interception thing on.

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