What to Watch for – Week 9

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Ohio State and Penn State are getting the nightcap in Ohio Stadium in what is only the 8th night game in Ohio Stadium history and the first since the 2005 Texas game.  Until that point, there’s lots of football to watch.  So what’s on?


  • Ohio @ Temple (ESPN2, 8:00PM ET).  This game was stupid, and yet I watched it anyways.  Temple ended up winning this game 14-10 in a game that seemingly no one wanted to win.  If nothing else, this game was something of a game by proxy for Ohio State and Penn State.  The team that Penn State defeated 45-3 defeated the team that Ohio State beat 26-14.  Whoopee.  Moving on.


  • Auburn @ West Virginia (ESPN, 7:30PM ET).  The SEC finally got around to venturing outside the South for games this season.  If only they played this game last year, when both teams… well… didn’t suck.  Auburn’s demotion to Thursday night football isn’t lost on me.


  • Boise State @ San Jose State (ESPN2, 9:00PM ET).  The obligatory weeknight game involving Boise State.  Lather, rinse and repeat.


  • Texas Tech @ Kansas (ESPN, 12:00PM ET).  Texas Tech ventures to Lawrence right after the Jayhawks get throttled by Oklahoma.  Further, Texas Tech goes on the road to play a game right as they forget that they actually have to play defense too (31 points given up to Nebraska, 25 to Texas A&M).  Yawn.
  • Illinois @ Wisconsin (ESPN2, 12:00PM ET). The obligatory Big Ten noontime kickoff on the ESPN Family of Networks ™.  Wisconsin hasn’t won a game in a month and a half.  I’m not sure why they would start now.
  • UNLV @ Brigham Young (The MTN, 2:00PM ET). Brigham Young resumes play after getting waxed by Texas Christian a week and a half ago.  If you’re able to watch, the halftime show will basically be Elder Young, Elder Young and Elder Young riding their bicycles around the field, afterwards putting on a play about how much UNLV hurts the soul.
  • Oklahoma State @ Texas (ABC, 3:30PM ET).  I’m not really interested in Ohio State getting back in the national title picture, but that won’t stop me from rooting for Oklahoma State.  Their head coach is a man, he’s 40, and he can take it.  That, and their defensive coordinator was responsible for making Antonio Smith an all-conference performer.
  • Georgia @ LSU (The SEC Network, 3:30PM ET).  Georgia’s offensive and defensive lines might get cannibalized in this game.  That, or whatever idiot LSU trots out at QB might do his best Jonathan Crompton impersonation.
  • Rutgers @ Pittsburgh (ESPN360.com, 3:30PM ET).  Wait wait wait, Pittsburgh is ranked?  And the Big East still fields football teams? When did this happen?
  • Virginia Tech @ Florida State (ABC, 3:30PM ET).  At long last, Florida State has achieved Top 25 status.  Yes, that same Florida State team that was the program of the 90s is now celebrating its first top 25 appearance in what seems like ages.  I think this game is a replay of the 1999 BCS title game, back when… you know… both programs were relevant.
  • Michigan State @ Michigan (ABC, 3:30PM ET).  Michigan State looks to shed the “little brother” label against Michigan and beat the Wolvereenies for the first time since the glory days of Jeff Smoker.  This was back in the day when, you know, seconds had to be added on to the clock in order to give the Spartans’ a shot at beating Michigan.  FWIW, Kirk Herbstreit called this game his upset special of the day (Michigan over Michigan State, that is).
  • UCLA @ California (ABC, 3:30PM ET).  I’m not sure why this game is on ABC.  Someone will have to fill me in on the explanation for this.
  • Alabama @ Tennessee (ESPN, 7:45PM ET).  Why in the sam hell is this a night game? On ESPN? At best, this game is a crappy throw-away that Raycom Sports has to hide on its 11am local timeslot.  I’m still pulling for Tennessee to win out the rest of its games because of the toxicity given to them by their loss to UCLA.  Alabama will be without Terrance Cody, the 900lb nose tackle and the only college football player with his own moon and gravitational pull.  Further, their offensive skillplayers have shown themselves to be not worthy of that killer offensive line they have.  So does Tennessee win? If they do, the meltdown I’ll get to watch when I stroll into work on Monday will be worth the drive.
  • Penn State @ Ohio State (ABC, 8:00PM ET).  The main attraction.  More thoughts to follow on the obligatory Friday post/open thread, but Penn State is looking to slay two dragons in one season.  They’ve already ended Michigan’s 9-game head-to-head winning streak, now they’ll be looking to win in Columbus for the first time as a Big Ten team.
  • Notre Dame @ Washington (ESPN2, 8:00PM ET).  Otherwise known as the “Why did Notre Dame hire any of these two jokers?” Bowl.  Much of my comments on Alabama and Tennessee can be applied here, except “Raycom Sports” might have to be redacted in favor of “college radio”.


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  1. 1 Scott


  2. 2 Mike

    FWIW – Mike Gundy is still a man, but now he’s 41…..

  3. 3 Vico

    Yeah, I know, I remember reading that some weeks ago, but “I’m a man, I’m forty-one” isn’t as punchy as “I’m a man, I’m forty!”. For that, he’ll forever be a 40yr old man.

  4. 4 Rod

    I just have to say how much I enjoy reading this piece every week. It makes me laugh, but it’s very informative as well. Same with Tony’s Tip Sheet on The O-Zone. Thanks to these, I impress everyone here at the office by knowing who’s playing and when. Go me.

    As for the answer to the question for why in the sam hell is Bama-Tennessee a night game on ESPN, think about it. They’re both in the SEC, right? I’m surprised GameDay isn’t there, the glorified SEC groupies that they are.

    Again though, good stuff. Thank you!

  5. 5 Gabby Jay

    Shouldn’t Auburn-WVU be called the Mouthbreather Bowl?

    It should be interesting to watch that game downtown, since the Auburn fans, for some reason, decided to flock to Tuscaloosa in preparation for that game.

  6. 6 Vico

    31 unanswered, Auburn… wow.

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