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Dear Brian Hartline: See. Do.
Tomorrow, the 14th ranked Buckeyes head to Madison, Wisconsin to take on a former top 10 team in the Badgers, still reeling from its second half meltdown against Michigan.  This will be the Buckeyes’ first conference road game, and only it’s second venture outside of Columbus this season.  The first trip sucked.  I’m hoping this one turns out better in Terrelle Pryor’s first career night game start and first road start.  So what’s there to consider?

  • It’s a truism to the point of a cliche to say it, but Wisconsin’s offensive line will decide this game.  Wisconsin’s offense is mostly conventional, featuring PJ Hill in the backfield in a zone blocking scheme.  They are explicitly dedicated to running the football first to open up passing lanes later.  If the front five can spring PJ Hill loose, the Buckeyes are in trouble.  If, for some reason, our tackles are able to penetrate or we can collapse the box due to stubborn playcalling from Wisconsin, the Badgers are in even more trouble.  I’ll be watching Worthington and Heyward with keen interest this game.  So should you.
  • Allan Everidge, the Badgers’ starting QB, has a TD-INT ratio of 4-3. Neat.
  • I’m sure Buckeye fans heard in the offseason about the new conditioning program that Lichter had them do.  I’m sure you saw the footage of them running up a little embankment, even laterally, as visual confirmation of that.  If the Buckeyes are a truly better conditioned team now than they were previously, perhaps a not so subtle response to the Rodriguez and Barwis program going on over at Michigan, this would be an excellent opportunity to see it, and believe it.  Reason: Michigan, who rallied against the Badgers last week, thinks that Wisconsin is under-conditioned.
  • Wisconsin is the only team in the Big Ten against whom Tressel has a losing record.  A victory in Wisconsin would level the Tressel-Wisconsin series at 3-3.
  • Most Buckeye fans want to see Pryor throw more.  Tressel even wants the same.  I must be the only one in favor of keeping the ball on the ground if Wisconsin is going to be unable to do anything about it (like Minnesota).  I think Woody Hayes’ zombie corpse would have my back on this one too.
  • The last time the Badgers’ hosted a Buckeye tailback the caliber of Beanie was in 1995.  It didn’t work out so well for the Badgers.  They obsessed so much about clamping down on Terry Glenn (pictured above, had 4 catches for 55 yards and a TD) that Eddie George ran loose (141 yards, 3 TDs, including a 51yd run with 6:30 left in the 4th to put the game away).  Alavarez’ obsession with Glenn also afforded Buster Tillman 6 catches and 91 yards, including several critical 3rd down grabs.
  • Some of Wisconsin’s football traditions are pretty cool, with probably the most overstated of them being Jump Around1On Wisconsin is usually credited as the second best fight song among the Big Ten teams.  After games, the Camp Randall faithful sing an antiquarian tune from an old Budweiser commercial.  The one I’m most partial to, however, is Hot Time.  In my humble opinion, Hot Time is the best post-TD cheer in college football.  The song is an old one, and one the Buckeyes even used for a while in the early part of the 20th century, but it builds up in such a way that tries to capture the magnitude of the touchdown just scored.  It’s really cool to hear it at least on TV.  I’m perfectly fine with not having to hear it this game, though.
  • After watching most every Badgers game on national TV for the past 3 years, I’m convinced the Badgers’ staff doesn’t know how to defend an option.  Against Illinois last year, the Badgers’ defenders made a b-line right to the pitchman on the shotgun double option (the easiest type of option to defend).  Against Michigan this year, they made Steven Threet look fast.  Terrelle Pryor might have a game going here.
  • However, Terrelle Pryor’s penchant for delay of game penalties against Minnesota is not something that we can afford on the road against Wisconsin.
  • I’m really hoping to see something good out of the return game.  I haven’t seen much all year, especially in kick returns.  I’m all in favor of sending Lamaar Thomas back into kick return situations, unless he has the problem that Ted Ginn had his freshman year (carrying the ball like a loaf of bread).
  • Steve Rehring is cleared to play, which means there’s some ambiguity on who will start this game.  Rehring and Cordle are listed as co-starters at left guard.  Cordle and Brewster are listed as co-starters at center.

Evidently ABC thought it was more important that the southeastern states west of Georgia watch Oregon-USC and not Wisconsin-Ohio State.  You know, Ohio is much, much closer to Alabama than either Oregon or California, but that’s cool.  Whatev.  I think we found a place to watch it.  We should be around for this game if you want to keep the discussion going.

Badgers? We don\'t need no stinking Badgers.
  1. Can’t we get over this song too? This song sucks.  Wake me when jumping around to Kool and the Gang’s “Get Down on It” becomes fashionable. []


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  1. 1 bup bup bup

    dammit, i’ve been saying this every chance i get: if we can run the ball over and over for like 6 or 7 yards every time, who cares about offensive balance? let’s just rush the living shit out of the football, SCREW THE WORLD.

    i’ll be a happy man if i see this and it works: option, iso, iso, pitch, option, pitch, iso

  2. 2 E

    I’m with you guys, if they can’t stop the run, why not continue to shove it down their throats?

  3. 3 Vico

    well, apparently we won’t be hearing Hot Time if the Badgers score. Actually, we won’t be hearing anything from the band:

  4. 4 Poe McKnoe

    Ted Ginn carried the ball like a loaf of bread? I’m all for it, if Lamaar can crank out some returns. I think you know, at least from his clips, that Thomas does in fact hold the ball WAY outside. But what does it matter if no one catches him?

    Wisconsin can’t defend the option? They must study Ohio State’s game tapes. I still cringe at last years Illinois game.

  5. 5 Gabby Jay

    Vandy fans are chanting ESS-EEE-CEE? Have they forgotten just how bad they’ve been for the past, oh I don’t know, forever?

  6. 6 hmg

    also, vandy and auburn fans chanting overrated in response to a college game day piece on OSU is a little to ironic for me to stomach, I mean seriously, auburn! Aren’t they permanently in the championship hunt every year until they choke 3 or 4 times to average competition in the SEC

  7. 7 Vico

    Ah yes, Auburn. Here’s the fun part about Auburn and why, in spite of all the preseason hype entering this season, I thought they were even more overrated than we were: Tuberville is guaranteed to blow it at home. Jordan-Hare is not a particularly imposing place to play, just ask Georgia Tech (2005), Arkansas (2006), Georgia (2006), Southern Florida (2007), Mississippi State (2007) and LSU (2008). Throw that in with some guaranteed road disasters, chiefly in the form of LSU and Georgia, and you have basically a two-loss or three-loss team every year that doesn’t own a tiebreaker over LSU.

    But don’t let me tell you that, because what do I know. After all, Auburn went UNDEFEATED 14-0 OMGLOLWTF in the SEC in 2004. You know, when the SEC was about the 5th best conference in college football (behind the Pac 10, Big 12, Big 10 and ACC. SEC bowl losses include Minnesota over Alabama, Miami (FL) over Florida, Iowa over LSU {Tennessee and Georgia won their games, though}) and their nonconference victories were over eventual 5 win UL-Monroe, 3 win 1-AA Citadel and 6 win Louisiana Tech. Honestly, they still want their national championship and pony and are still pissed that they didn’t have the right to play a USC team that beat them the last two years in their home-and-home series, including a 28-0 loss to the Trojans in Auburn the year earlier.

  8. 8 Ed

    I really want to see if our Defense bring the Silver Bullet Blitzkireg………………..this zone sh** that we have been in is letting opponents do what they want. Lets finally force the issue , and get some 3 and outs.

    If Michigan’s QB Threet can break a 40 yard run against this Badger D………….I am pretty enthusiastic that Pryor will have some oppurtunities to break a couple himself.

    Go Bucks!!!!!!

  9. 9 Gabby Jay

    Someone is going to have to explain that Michigan fan in the bear costume… looking all sad at the end of the game. Funny as it is, someone might have to explain what the bear-Michigan connection is.

  10. 10 El Caballo de Sangre

    Yo yo yo

  11. 11 Vico

    Internet TV FTW:

  12. 12 Vico

    man, Ohio State always elects to receive.

  13. 13 Gabby Jay


  14. 14 Vico

    way to set up Beanie and spring him, Brewster. That rocked.

  15. 15 Vico

    Allan Everidge is really helping us out here.

  16. 16 Vico

    hmm… 20 yard sack. Pryor should’ve read the all-out blitz because Wisconsin didn’t hide it well.

  17. 17 Gabby Jay

    sigh… Kurt Coleman. Kurt Coleman. You had it.

  18. 18 Vico

    That was a BRILLIANT play call by Heacock. Give credit where credit’s due. Moving Gibson inside to spy on Everidge was brilliant. Wisconsin clearly hadn’t seen that before.

  19. 19 Gabby Jay

    If Pryor had tucked that and run with it, he would’ve had the first down. That’s unfortunate.

    I also don’t know why we’ve gone away from the pistol. I still don’t think Wisconsin will know what to do with it.

  20. 20 Max Power

    Vandy 14-13

    Vanderbilt: Change We Can Believe In!

  21. 21 Gabby Jay

    Sigh… our defense…

  22. 22 Gabby Jay

    8 and a half minute drive. That’s just depressing.

  23. 23 Vico

    Etienne Sabino is becoming one of the best non-returner special teamers in the country.

  24. 24 Vico

    Sanzenbacher isn’t doing my hyping of him any favors.

  25. 25 Vico

    Finally, we stopped that stupid end-around to Gilreath.

  26. 26 Gabby Jay

    Our defensive line is depressing me

  27. 27 Vico

    I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense. I hate the prevent defense.

  28. 28 Vico

    See, and this is why I hate electing to receive to begin the game.

  29. 29 El Caballo de Sangre

    I’m w/ you Vico. That was some bullshit right there.

  30. 30 El Caballo de Sangre

    I don’t know why they’re trying to turn Terrelle into Bobby Hoying or Joe Germaine or whatever. Read options and pitches REPEAT read options and pitches. ISQDs REPEAT ISQDs. Only try to throw when you have to and even then only if it’s five wide.

  31. 31 El Caballo de Sangre

    And for Jebus’ sake, can our DTs ever do ANYTHING AT ALL to affect the course of ANY game we play? Really pitiful.

  32. 32 El Caballo de Sangre

    All right – got all the bile out, I think.

  33. 33 Vico

    Thank God for drops, because our line is not doing us any favors.

  34. 34 Vico


  35. 35 El Caballo de Sangre

    That dude is unquestionably the best running back in college football.

  36. 36 Gabby Jay

    Beanie has what, 12 carries and 120 yards? Something like that? FEED HIM.

  37. 37 El Caballo de Sangre

    Yeah Vico we dodged three (by my count) bullets on Wisky’s possession.

  38. 38 Vico

    ‘atta boy Small. First down quite appreciated.

  39. 39 Vico

    This is the Beanie difference: 2-3 yards for a regular tailback becomes 7-8 yards for Beanie.

  40. 40 Vico

    Hell, Pryor is a freshman, RUN WITH IT. Nuances can come in the sophomore season.

  41. 41 Vico

    I guess 3pts will have to suffice.

  42. 42 El Caballo de Sangre

    Vico: that’s what I was talking about re: Hoying and Germaine – why the fuck not just run a naked bootleg to the wide side? Keep it simple, SHIT SHITFIRE DUMMY STUPID.

  43. 43 Vico

    and see, this (among many other reasons) is why I’m in favor of kicking the ball to outer space on the kickoff.

    That said, it must be nice to be playing in front of the home crowd.

  44. 44 Vico

    If I could see that bootleg to the sideline coming on 3rd and 2, why can’t the defense?

  45. 45 Ron

    An accidental sack?

  46. 46 Vico

    Did Everidge just run right into a pancaked Buckeye rush end?

  47. 47 Vico

    At least Worthington forced the underneath pattern. Wisconsin might as well punt on 3rd and anything longer than 4 yards.

  48. 48 Gabby Jay

    What the hell was that last series on offense?

  49. 49 Vico

    AJ Trapasso might be the offensive MVP for this game, should the Buckeyes win.

  50. 50 El Caballo de Sangre

    I just don’t understand this playcalling. Or maybe it’s genius a la Weis and the kids are just failing to execute. Whatever. That pitch to Mo Wells was the fanciest-pants, silliest thing that’s happened yet this game.

  51. 51 El Caballo de Sangre

    Nice. We get through almost three full quarters w/out a glaring reminder of why Ben Person doesn’t belong on the field, but that guy never fails to disappoint.

  52. 52 El Caballo de Sangre

    It shouldn’t be lost on us, though, that the defense has been coming up huge the last couple series.

  53. 53 El Caballo de Sangre

    Arrgh. At least we got the trey.

  54. 54 Vico

    This hurts. 6 and a half minutes to define a freshman season for Terrelle.

  55. 55 Gabby Jay

    Our defensive line is giving me diabetes…

  56. 56 El Caballo de Sangre

    Right-o, V. Here we go. Let’s not forget the FAIL of our DTs, though.

  57. 57 El Caballo de Sangre

    It’s so, so bad, this set of DTs we’ve got. Why is that? I’ve got to guess that it’s just a perfect storm of recruits not panning out. All I know is that for two years now, I get a cold chill every time I think about them – ever since I heard that Worthington was even an OPTION.

  58. 58 Gabby Jay



  59. 59 Vico

    Now that’s what would’ve put this game out of hand earlier: stuffing them with the option run and without the hesitation for a pass.

    Now our defense owes us for giving one of the blog authors here diabetes for the other 58 minutes of this game.

  60. 60 El Caballo de Sangre


  61. 61 Vico


  62. 62 Vico

    I celebrate now, but I have several concerns about our defense going forward.

    A win will suffice for now. Suck it 2003.

  63. 63 El Caballo de Sangre

    Vico: there’s only two concerns about this defense: scheme and DTs. That’s it. Our DEs are awesome and would be even more so if some of them didn’t have to be makeshift DTs. We absolutely need to blitz more REPEAT blitz more. Arrgh.

  64. 64 El Caballo de Sangre

    And ditto on the celebration. That was a good win – and a good (if not ideal) way to win, given the adversity created by the turnovers. The Nittany Lions better come correct.

  65. 65 Vico

    yeah, the schemes bother me. It’s not lost on me that the one time we tried something outside the box on defense — by stunting Thaddeus Gibson pre-snap and having him fake a blitz and spy on Everidge — resulted in a turnover.

    Our defensive tackles worry the most. Worthington is a power forward, Heyward lost a step and everyone else is out of shape. Not much blame that can be put on the linebackers for that.

  66. 66 El Caballo de Sangre

    Silver lining: Sparty’s the only team left that might be able to gash us up the middle. I watched all of Michigan-Illinois, and they scare me more than a little. Dufrene is for real, and Juice is Juice and Rejus is Rejus. We ought to be able to outscore the Illini though.

  67. 67 El Caballo de Sangre

    “they” is “Illinois” there – sorry, I’m like +6 or so right now. Woo hoo!

  68. 68 El Caballo de Sangre

    Is this thread still active? Anybody besides me still here? I’m cueing up the DVR to watch the 1st and last drives right now – that’s it though, I don’t have any UFR to compile.

  69. 69 Vico

    I’m around, just laying low. The defensive line gave me more than enough fits for the night. I’m also mulling over what I want to say for the synopsis post coming tomorrow.

  70. 70 El Caballo de Sangre

    Whoops – forgot you’ve got a blog to run and write for. All right – so long, then.

  71. 71 Vico

    Yeah, I’m just waiting on the Ohio State Buckeyes’ website to upload their official stats for the game. You could almost guess what I’m going to say (great first drive, great last drive, sucktitude in between, streaky offensive line play, awful defensive line play, unimaginative playcalling on defense, mostly bad play from the wideouts {Sanzy…}, BEANIE, Pryor trying to do too much)

  72. 72 El Caballo de Sangre

    Well, I’m not quite gone yet.

    I’ve got one quibble here: I really don’t believe that Terrelle is ever “trying to do too much”, other than the every-once-in-a-while 15-or-more-yard sacks. And those would be at-least-10-yard-or-more sacks with any other quarterback, and those would be killers anyway, so they don’t matter that much.

    I believe, rather, that we’re seeing him try too hard to do the things that Daniels and Tressel are asking him to do. The reining in of the tendency to pull the ball down and run made sense with Troy Smith – Troy wasn’t all THAT big or all THAT fast, after all, but he had a preternatural ability to complete tough passes, especially when the play had broken down. It made sense to train him to keep scrambling and looking downfield no matter what.

    Terrelle, on the other hand, IS that big and IS that fast. He’s a far, far better runner than Troy was. Not to mention that the kid is still brand new. I say that for this year you tell him to tuck it and run whenever he feels like it. More often than not it works out pretty well. This offense could be like DickRod’s best White/Slaton Mountaineer squads – only with better talent and bigger athletes at every position – if we can resist the urge to try and turn Terrelle into senior-year Troy Smith during his freshman year. There’ll be time for that next spring etc.

  73. 73 El Caballo de Sangre

    And, lest it be forgotten: our DTs suck.

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